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                                                     Guy from Hawaii 

     I had been living for several years in Hawaii.  My favorite public
restroom was in Aloha Tower in Downtown Honolulu  (Where all the tourists pull in on cruise ships). I greatly enjoyed the middle-class middle-aged white men who would display their fat, circumcised cocks to me while going on and off their cruise ships.  I particularly remember one middle aged businessman who barged in while I was in the process of blowing a local boy.  Hawaiian boys are almost always a mix of Polynesian, Asian and Samoan.  All I knew was that they were dark brown, stocky and invariably circumcised (figure that out).  The bald, pudgy newcomer was obviously used to receiving immediate attention. He took in the scene, walked right up to me and asked me in a low, guttural voice if I swallowed. I answered "of course I swallow" and kept up my attempts to take more and more of the local boys long brown

     His time was obviously valuable, as he left right away after hearing what he wanted to hear.  He was obviously keeping an eye on the restroom,  though, because the minute I was sitting alone with four empty stalls he came barging back in, immediately flopping out a fat veined cock with a very large, pink head. I sucked his fat dick for a full minute before he asked me again, " You do swallow, right?"  I was enjoying his daddy dick so much that I made no verbal response, nodding my head vigorously while I stroked him with my lips. This reassured him, and he relaxed and let me go to work. He
was at least fifty years old and bald with black horn-rimmed 
glasses and a smouldering cigar stub in his lips.  After two more straight minutes with no interruptions, my haole john was on the verge of coming.  I gradually went into acquisition mode, increasing the pressure of my mouth and lips, slowing my stroke, drawing out his cum spurt by thick spurt. He left without a word but with a smile on his face. He had found somebody who swallowed.
   But the particular experience I want to relate took place with a huge Samoan man. For those of you who have never encountered Hawaiian culture, Samoans and haoles (white boys) have never gotten along and never will.
Before the restroom in the underground parking garage closed down, I spent many enjoyable hours blowing Samoan and local men. Most of them ejaculated seconds after my lips slid over their fat dickheads, they were so jazzed at the idea of a haole boy sucking their thin brown dicks. I had come to consider myself as an ambassador of good will from the mainland. One thing I would like to make clear before we begin; Hawaiians of mixed Polynesian-Portuguese heritage invariably had long, thin dicks. But samoan men were built completely different. Short and thick. But like all local men (except for Chinese and Japanese) they were circumcised.
     One afternoon, I was sitting in the very first stall (very unusual for me) when an enormous, mean-looking Samoan man walked in. He was wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops, and his hair was cut as short as a marine, except for a foot-long tail of straight black hair down his back.  Since He obviously had nothing to do with law enforcement, I was in my standard 'come hither' stance, tank top removed and hung on a hook, shorts down around my ankles, semi-hard dick drooping down into the bowl in full view. I had faced
many dangerous situations in the past (someday I'll tell you how I sucked off the leader of a Mexican gang in San Diego while the other gang members watched) and had made it through all of them without a scratch simply by adopting the same 'come hither' stance I was currently in.  It was probably his first good look at a white cock. With naked aggression still on his face, he took the stall next to mine, Taking a noisy piss.  While he pissed, I peeked farther and farther around the edge of the stall, finally meeting his dark, scarred face at the halfway point. I went into immediate slut mode, staring hungrily at the short, fat,  incredibly dark cock busily unloading a
thick yellow stream into the toilet. It looked like he'd had a couple of
quarts of beer for lunch. I spent a good ten  seconds sharing my attention between eye contact and staring dreamily at a slowly expanding circumcised cock that we both knew was about to be shared.  He shook the last dozen drops from his semi-hard cock and stepped back, and I immediately dropped to my knees. With our eyes locked, he swung a huge brown thigh around the side of the stall, and in half a second was looming over me, completely trapping
me in the stall with his enormous body.
     I mean to say, this man was huge. The giant Samoan was most likely in his early thirties, a scowl etched into his face-the same scowl he put on whenever he was in the presence of haoles.  And now, the opportunity to do the unthinkable to a muscular, green-eyed haole in his early thirties who was for all intents and purposes, naked on my knees, overcame this nut-brown Samoan man.
     He completely filled the entrance to the stall. None of the stalls had doors, by the way. No glory holes, but contact in this restroom was always up-close and personal.  Like now. This huge brown man with his brightly flowered shorts around his ankles all but blocked out all the light from the restroom, His blunt, bulbous dickhead bobbed up and down in front of me in time with the slow pulsing of his shaft. He couldn't have been more than six inches long, but his dick was extremely thick, at least two and a half inches. His shiny head was at least an inch thicker. I engulfed his hot brown dickhead and he moaned loudly with pleasure.

     I prefer to do my own thing, and this giant Samoan let me indulge
myself. He stood perfectly still, staring down at me with bulging eyes. I choke on large cocks, and this local man had the time of his life choking me.  As the tears ran down my face each time I tried to swallow his fat cock, he ceased to give a fuck.

     We were interrupted at least three times. Each time he grew more belligerent, yelling at the locals who were fascinated at the sight of seeing a pair of huge brown tree-trunk thighs, with enormous cellulite-filled butt cheeks clenching and unclenching, and a pair of milky white legs kneeling in front of him on the floor of the stall. I loved an audience, having always found that this was the best way to line up several new customers, but my giant partner would have no part of it, yelling violent threats in pidgin until the door would slam as the intruder left.  Many of them returned after he had stormed out, and enjoyed the experience as much as he did.

     Each time we were interrupted by an explosive opening of the noisy wooden door, I would involuntarily draw back in fear, exposing his huge blunt circumcised cock, throbbing, purplish black and shiny. Samoan men were invariably circumcised, and this cock was no exception. This was probably why he lasted a good ten minutes. Possibly the most enjoyable ten minutes of my life. His
rock-hard cock grew at least an inch in length during this ten minutes, which made it even easier for me to voluntarily choke myself on it. As he saw me choking, minute after wonderful minute, his eyes grew dreamy and clouded over.
     The third time we were interrupted, I drew back once again but this time a huge thick rope of cum came after me, streaking completely across my face and leaving a foot-long cum rope on the wall. The look of disappointment on his face at seeing me draw back was obvious. I'm sure he thought he was going to force his cum down my throat by surprising me--many local boys thought that drinking their cum was such a disgusting act that no white boy would ever voluntarily submit. But I surprised and pleased my new
samoan friend. Purely by reflex, I dove halfway down his pulsing cock, my lips clamping down on his straining shaft. His next shot was accompanied by a guttural grunt as he stared down at me, assuring himself that his entire fantasy was coming true. I gulped down his second cum rope in a noisy swallow, taking the third, fourth and fifth with additional swallows. After that he began to run dry. But it took him a long time. This was a difference between Samoans and other Polynesians. They came with huge, slow loads,
delivering much more cum than most men gave me.  Other Polynesians came with thick, rapid spurts, coming as fast as they could as if they were afraid I would pull away.  But not Samoan men.
   After a full minute of mouthing and worshipping his fat rubbery dick, milking him dry, he cupped my chin in a huge hand, uttered his first and last words to me, "tanks bruddah".  and I never saw him again.




As he thrust his cock deep into my ass, I responded with whimpers and moans, revealing the pleasure I was feeling even as I did my utmost to mask my pain. He fucked my ass for about 30 minutes and I was exhausted. Then finally he pulled out of my ass and man-handled me around on the bed so that I was lying on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the mattress.

I looked up at him as he held my head in his hands. "Open your mouth," he said. "I'm going to fuck your skull now."

Then, again without warning, he forced his huge cut cock between my lips and all the way into my throat, causing me to gag and choke. He didn't pull out, in fact, as I continued to gag and choke and saliva oozed out of the corners of my mouth... and onto my nostrils and eyes... he just kept pounding my throat with his huge cock. 
He started to rock his cock back and forth inside my throat. He was literally fucking my throat. I dizzy from lack of oxygen, abut I was excited by this too. Again I tried to focus on his pleasure, doing my utmost to ignore my own discomfort. 
quid and it oozed out of the corners of my mouth and onto my nostrils and eyes and hair.

"I've never had a full body orgasm before. If a great orgasm is a 10, that was 15."
Picture, as you begin to feel aroused, the way your penis responds to the rhythmic stroking of my hands slick with lubricant, soft as the inside of a mouth but firmer and stronger, velvety smooth gliding between your legs, pressing here, my fingers exploring there, discovering what turns you on.
Imagine the exquisite sensations as I gently tug on your scrotum or fondle your testicles, circling round and round each one lightly twirling, feeling its weight, bouncing it onto my palm.
Watch as I expertly trace one index finger along the shaft of your rigid penis to the uncapped tip where a single drop glistens with the promise of more.

Follow my finger swirling around the swollen glans and slipping all the way back down the tight circumcised shaft to the base where I hook my thumb under your testicles, contract my fingers slightly about the shaft to form a living "cock ring".
I squeeze more tightly and then, as if I am playing a flute, I press each finger delicately into the pulsing vein that runs the length of the shaft back up to the dripping cockhead.
Feel how my well-oiled palm slides up and down, milking your penis, now rubbing and pulling it this way, now stroking and squeezing and pushing it down, fingers flickering across the slick, sensitive knob, my other hand still manipulating your balls or exploring between your legs.

Your breathing gets heavier and more laboured as you groan and pant, and grind your hips into the massage table; your heart racing, your penis rigid and slick with oil and your own juices.
Your testicles ride higher, pulling up closer to your body, my fingers encircling and teasing them away, my other hand stroking and polishing, fingers flickering across the slick, sensitive knob.
The pressure for release is building, the intensity growing stronger, the effort to hold back becoming harder and harder...

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