Wednesday, October 9, 2013

By Nudista Roma

I realize now just how fortunate I've been having a really nicely cut cock, a perfect cut really, with a lovely large knob and a long, straight shaft, as well as larger than average balls. Twenty-five years ago, when I was just 18,
was when I began to realize that other people thought so too, when they would comment on my cock, and do more than comment, of course.

     Being American, it was normal to have a cut cock, and almost all the boys at my school were circumcised as well. But when I was 18 and just finished school, I won a scholarship from the Italian government to go and study Italian language in Perugia for a year. When I arrived there, one of the conditions was that I have a medical check-up before I would get the money for my scholarship - a bureaucratic procedure that was typical of Italy. This had to be done at the local caserma, or barracks, in Perugia, where Italian boys who turned 18 went to do a year of military service and had the same checks at the start of their time in the military.

     It was not like going to your local doctor: here we had to strip off completely in a room, four or five at a time: I was just one of many boys who had an appointment for that morning. Then we went into the next room to see the doctor. When I went in he was perfectly normal and even spoke some English. He checked all the usual stuff and said I was just fine and then asked me if I had been circumcised at birth as he understood most Americans were. I said yes and he commented that I had a very good result, and asked
me whether I would consider becoming what he called a circumcision model.

     He noticed my hesitation as so went on to explain: 'In Italy boys aren't circumcised at birth and this issue is never discussed, so when they have problems, such as retracting their foreskin, they have nobody to talk to. That's why we do so many circumcisions in the Army, as it is the first time they don't live with their families and can talk to a doctor who is not the family doctor. But they are not really sure what the result will be, so 
for years now, we have had a session on health in the army where we get someone circumcised at birth to show them the results'.

     'Hmmm', I still wasn't sure. So he went on: 'We pay a guy to stand naked in front of 100 or so guys while the doctor explains the benefits of circumcision - that's it, that's all you have to do, and we pay you 50.000 lire'. Well, that was a lot of money, today it would be _100 for half an hour standing naked in front of some other guys, and my monthly stipend from the government scholarship would only be 500.000 - this supplement would really help.
'Well, I guess I could try it once, and then decide to go on or not, I suppose'.
      'Excellent! If you like it there is even more work in other barracks and also in the hospitals which pay even more for lessons to medical students about what a well-circumcised penis should look like'.

     My cock stiffened a bit at the vision of me spending all my time not learning Italian but standing naked in front of all sorts of Italians, but I was and am really proud of my cut cock and wanted to show it off, especially if Italians hadn't seen many circumcised cocks: they should see a really good example'.

The first time I was really nervous. I got undressed in a small room just off the main lecture hall in the barracks. When all the new monthly intake of guys starting their year of military service were there I came out onto the stage with a towel around my waist. The military doctor started explaining the benefits of circumcision and then at his signal I took away
the towel and put it on the table and remained there completely naked with
about 100 young guys staring at my circumcised cock.

     It was all over quicker than I expected and then I had my clothes on again, had the money in pocket and, when I said it was fine, an appointment for next month for the same thing. The doc asked me if I was also interested in doing extra work in the university hospitals and, when I said ok, he said he would get it organized as he had lots of colleagues who had long been looking for a good example of cock cut at birth.

     In the meantime I went to my Italian lessons in Perugia and in the showers after gym noticed in fact that about ten or fifteen percent of Italian guys of about 23 or 24 were circumcised, but obviously recently so. When I went to my next session the doctor explained that it was normal for about 10 percent of guys to have problems and need circumcision and that this usually happened during military service, also because it was free and they didn't have to let their folks know. The second session was even easier than the
first and the doc said that they had had a good number of requests after the first session and he thought it would continue to have a positive impact on the number of circumcisions. He introduced me to a colleague of his who
taught in the University of Perugia, who had to teach circumcision and needed a live model of what the results were like that would promote circumcision in Italy and he very much wanted we to work for him. More money, not just 50.000 lire, but 150.000 (about _300 as it involved the
lecture hall stuff but also seminars with his small groups of students who were about to graduate as surgeons. I joked that as long as they didn't want to circumcise me again everything was fine. 'No, they just want to see the results from up close' was his curious reply.
The third and fourth sessions went just fine, like the others, and in the meantime I'd begun at the hospital as well. This was more complicated as it involved the same routine of coming out into the lecture hall with a towel and then removing it while the lecturer spoke about circumcision. There were now students of both sexes but that didn't worry me too much. I then had to jump up onto the operating table where a camera focused in on my penis in detail and this image was projected onto a big screen overhead to they could see all the circumcision details. The doc had to move my cock around, from front to back and side to side, but he did this in a way that I wasn't worried and the whole thing was over before I had time to even think too much about it. It was the seminar that followed that was more difficult as this involved doctors already trained and working in the hospital who wanted to take advantage of a specialist session with the expert in circumcision and a real
example of the results. Again I had to lay down on a bed in a room and a group of six or eight doctors came in to look closely at my cock while my doc explained how to achieve the results they had before them. A tight cut, removal of the frenum, proper stitching so that no scars remained.
     One of the doctors complained that they couldn't see my penis properly because of the pubic hair and that operations were always carried out with the whole area shaved of hair for visibility and cleanliness. My doc agreed and it was something he'd been meaning to ask about. 'Would I mind having my genitals shaved, and then keeping them shaved?'

     'It hadn't occurred to me, but if it was necessary then yes, I suppose it was ok'. 'Would I mind now?' my doc asked, and thought I'd better take the plunge: 'Ok'. And so nurse and razor and cream were produced, but at least doc wasn't stupid and said that the teaching session was over but
that next time his model would be shaved. They all left and the nurse asked me whether I wanted her to do it, or whether I wanted to do this at home. I said 'At home!' as I had been terrified of getting a boner in front of all these people, what with her holding my cock and shaving me!

Shaving my cock and balls actually turned out to be a huge turn on and I stroked off three times while doing it. I did wonder, however, what doc would say when I went to my next army session - what would he says to the new entries.
In fact he simply said that being shaved was something they did before circumcision for sanitary reasons and so the model was also shaved to give an idea of what they would look like immediately after the operation. I think a lot of the guys found it very erotic to see a guy who was cut and
shaved and they were quite restless in their seats that day. In the next session doc said that he had also done more operations that month, about 17 % of the intake.

     Also in the hospital the sessions went better. The lecturer found it
easier to move my cock around for the camera, and in the sessions afterwards for the doctors they were more relaxed about moving my cock around to ask questions about specific areas. More and more requests came for this sort of work and at the end of the year's scholarship I stayed on as by then I was working in more barracks and hospitals and earning quite a lot of money.
Twenty years later I'm still at it, traveling all over Italy for the same reason, being a circumcision model.

(Mr Glansmore will be publishing more exploits of the circumcision model soon) 

I love your adorable little one-eyed face.
And your charming little helmet head.
I love the nest of shaggy fur where you sleep,
and the way you come to life in my hand.

I love your silky velvety texture,
and that salty bitter drop right at your tip.
I enjoy the anticipation of waiting to lay eyes on you that first time,
wondering how wide, narrow, tall or short you will be.

I can't wait to see you this weekend,
to taste you and feel the way you slide along my skin,
creasing a path between my breasts.
I love being awakened by you pressed against the small of my back
or riding along my hips.

But mostly, I love the way you fit inside me,
tight and hard and satiny,
banging against the door of my inner sanctum,
and pushing me into a room full of ecstasy.

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