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 I used to jack off all the time in the library at school.  Sometimes Ijerk off at airports when I have to hang around a long time.  Once I went into the mens’ room at college and thought I heard a guy wanking. So I pretendedto leave and opened and shut the door. I stayed very still and the guy continued to jerk himself. Then he took some toilet paper and I heard the jism hit the paper. I hung out until he left. I was sooo horny when I was an undergraduate that once I came my dick did not really deflate. I'm circumcised real tight and my glans flares out a lot so when I tucked it down my jeans pants legs you could see my tube of meat and the flared head pretty clear. I used to try to hide it by carrying my books over my crotch...but I used to have to limp!

Hey guys,
I've noticed that some guys who are cut have like larger than average and sometimes huge cock-heads. Ones that are just really massive (and mushroomy  ) compared to the shaft. I know that this is all part of natural variety and all, but I was just wondering if you could help me by filling out this little question thing:

If you are circumcised and your head is disproportionately wider than your shaft,

a.) Has it always been that way since you were a young kid?

b.) Did it start to expand at some point? If so, how old were you when it happened?
Oh and if you could also put the following in your reply
1.Your cock length
2. Whether you are circumcised tight or loose
3. Whether your head is flared out around the outer ridge

Thanks so much guys!

No, I have seen a lot of pics of cut guys and some of their heads are in proportion with the shaft (some are smaller, but we won't go there) and some cut guys have really big, wide, flared out cock-heads..

My guess as to why people may see this difference I've heard this claim, but I have no way of knowing whether or not it's true. It's not like the foreskin is providing any amount of pressure that would prevent the head from growing, at least not to my knowledgeis that when a cut penis is erect, it (as always) just has the shaft below the head. But when a uncut penis is erect, it has the shaft plus the foreskin below the head, meaning there's less of a difference in circumference  between the glans and the area below when they meet up

My personal guess is that (and feel free to strike me down) just as many uncut guys have a similarly large glans, but the reason you're associating it with cut guys is that you've been watching porn in which circumcised guys are much more common.


Living in Oceanside, California can be a blessing and can be a curse. For one thing, it is right next to Camp Pendleton, the biggest Marine Corps base on the West Coast and for another, all these hot, studs are everywhere. They are in the stores, malls, movie theaters and restaurants. This is a blessing because they are really hot and they are great eye candy, but they can be frustrating because they are everywhere and you don't know who are gay or BI and who is not!

One day while getting my hair cut at a place called "Stud Cut's," it was packed with hot marines. You see Sunday night is the best time to go because of inspection on Monday. Therefore, the place was overflowing as usual. Anyway, I was about 20 people away and just had to sit there next to all these hot devil dawgs. Occasionally by elbow would touch the guy next to me and I would look over and apologize just hoping that he would be enjoying the contact just as much as I was. This went on for about 20 minutes and it was finally my turn. I asked for a low reg. cut and she started working on my hair. Then all of a sudden this hot devil dawg who had to be about 21 plopped down on one of the sofas in front of my chair. I could not believe my eyes. He had sandy blond hair and he had to be a jock. I took one look at him and instantly had a crush on him. I looked again and he was staring at me. What was he thinking? Had he seen me at Rich's, Flick's or Number's the Friday before or was my fly undone? I had no idea only hope that he was gay or BI. My haircut continued and I had the occasional chance to check him out. They next time I looked his legs were wide open and you could see just a hint of his white briefs showing through one of the leg holes. That drove me nuts because I love a guy in white briefs. Now I was transfixed by this guy and every chance I got, I had to take a look and some of times he would be looking back and sometimes he was watching TV. This went on for about 15 minutes and then I was done. I so wanted for a longer haircut but what was I to do? I had to get up. So I went and paid for the haircut and began to walk out the door. As I walked, I had to get one last look at this hot guy and he was watching me too. My heart stopped and I was wondering what to do. I could not just stand there because the place was full of marines and I did not want to get jumped so I had to leave.

I got to my car, my heart still racing, and wondered what to do. I decided to lean against my car in the parking lot and wait and see what happened. Well after many marines came out here this Adonis came out. He had a high and tight and was definitely good to go. I saw him looking around and then he finally saw me. I did not know what to do so I just stood there. A lot of marines on Pendelton do not drive so I was hoping he would need a ride. He began walking toward me, toward Pier View Way and gave me a smile. I nodded to him but he kept on walking. I was crushed but as he walked away, he looked back and saw that I had not gone yet, so I stayed where I was and he circled around the block and came back. I was really happy now, but very much scared because of the unknown!

I was not shaking with fear and apprehension. But he said "hi" and I said "hi" back. We made some small talk and as I suspected he did not have a ride so boldly I offered him a ride. He gladly accepted and we were now in the car. I was so happy and I could not keep from grinning. But I was feeling more comfortable now and asked what he was up to this evening. He did not have any plans so I asked if he wanted to come over to my place for a couple of beers and watch a little TV. He obliged and we were off. If you think that was easy, it was not but most marines are so bored on base that they jump at any chance to do something different.

Hunk of military man. Handsome!

As he lay on the floor I was very happy to have this stud with me and about ready to put my hands all over him. As I began to work on his back, I again noticed his white briefs peeking out just under his pants so I worked my way down there and he seemed to be enjoying himself by the sounds he was making. I worked on his back and then on his arms. When I worked on his hands I knew he was a laborer because of the calluses on his hand. Done with the top of the body, it was now time to turn my attention to his feet and legs. I asked if I could remove his socks and he nodded yes. So, I worked his feet and he really seemed to be enjoying himself. I began to work on his legs but if you have ever had a massage with your clothing on, you know that it is not the most comfortable. What do I do now? Being bold, I asked if it he would be more comfortable with his pants off.
 Again he said nothing but lifted up his pelvic area, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. WOW! This guy is doing everything I ask. YEEHAW! I pulled off his pants one leg at a time and he began to moan. I though I was hurting him but then it appeared to be moans of pleasure. I slowly worked each leg and with the tips of my fingers I would brush the leg openings of his white briefs. He did not seem to mind this so I slowly worked the inside of his thigh and he got goose bumps. I could see them rise all over his body and knew that was a good sign. The moaning stopped as I moved down toward his feet so I thought I better go back the other way and then the moaning started again. So I knew I was doing good and he was good to go.

And WHAT a beautiful circumcised tight cock!
After about a half-hour of this I asked him to roll over and without hesitation he just flopped on his back. As he did, you know what I saw first! A HUGE bulge in his white briefs that just leaped out. He really had a hard on but it was tucked down and I know that was not comfortable. He quickly fixed that by adjusting himself. Now his huge cock was bulging in his tighty whites and he had a little smile on his face. So I began to work his stomach, face and then onto his legs again. I was very hard in my white briefs now as well. Just looking at that huge cock made me what it badly! As I worked his inner thigh, his cock would spring to life and I began the process of moving up and down the leg.

I could tell that he is really enjoying himself now. There is a little pre-cum beginning for form on his white briefs. At this point I went for it. I worked my hands up under the legs of his white briefs and began to massage his rock hard cock. He was circumcised high and tight and had to be 8" and thick. He moaned with pleasure and more pre-cum leaked from his cock. I put my mouth over his cock and could hardly fit it all in but he really like that because I felt his body convulse with pleasure and be began to moan louder. I slowed down because I did not want him to cum to early and then he grabbed me and began to kiss me with a force and a tenderness that I have never felt before. It was so sensual and I love it. He basically tore my cloths off. I could hear a little tear in my white briefs but I loved it. 
He grabbed my cock in his hand and rubbed it. It felt so good that I had to let out a moan. He lay on top of me and I could feel his rock hard cock pulsing on my stomach. He began to rub his cock on my stomach. Then he slid down on my cock and began to rock back and forth. Oh, it felt so good but I wanted it to last longer so I held back. I did not want to cum too soon. However, he began to go back and forth faster and faster. He was rubbing his cock on my stomach and I was up in him. He wanted me to cum inside him so I did and he moaned with acceptance. Then he came all over my stomach. He shot such a big load! It seemed like he had not cum in a
year. Then off to the shower......




 “Mutual pleasure is the key. The first thing to do is to get to know your partner’s penis. Look at it. Fondle it. Yes, even worship it. Treat the entire genital area as one area. Some parts are more receptive and sensitive than others. It is your duty as a lover to find and stimulate these areas.” 

“How do I do that?” 

“Take and hold your lover’s cock and balls in the palm of your hand. Look at them and study them. Bring your lips to the base of his balls. Make love to them; lick them with your tongue. Run your lips up his shaft flitting your tongue tip in and out tickling the shaft. Use only the tip of your tongue to run up and down the underside of his cock. As you do this, you will soon learn his erotic zones. Many people think all they have do is to turn their mouths into a vacuum cleaner or a cunt hole. NOT TRUE. Mouth suction and bobbing of the head up and down alone will make him orgasm, but that’s nothing more than another form of masturbation. Giving titillating pleasure is the real story behind being a great cocksucker. Just remember that as a man, you know how you would like it. All you have to do to your partner is what you would want done to you. That is why they say that only gay men know how to give the best blow jobs.” 

“But how do you make him blow his load, if not by suction?” Joseph queried. 

“The cock head is the answer. The cock head is the detonator of his atomic bomb. Work on the head and the area around the cock head, both with the tongue and the lips. After a bit of experience you can even use your teeth to lightly scrape over the head. I’ve had a great blowjob where the guy just blew air over the end of my cock. Work the end of the dick head with your tongue. It’s not the suction that drags the cum out of the balls. It’s the stimulation. Hell,
By stimulation you can make him feel like his cum is coming, not from his balls but, from the tips of his toes.” 

“You make it sound so easy…you won’t laugh if I make a mistake.” 

“Joseph, my dear, sweet, Joseph, I’ll never ever laugh AT you; only WITH you.” Richard said, kissing and hugging him. He began to feel Joseph’s fingers touch his balls, and he moaned and said, “You know I think that’s the first time you have done that to me and it feels so good. Yeahhhhh, that’s the ticket. That’s what I mean, don’t be afraid. I guarantee they won’t break.
Their lips touched and they kissed deeply while Joseph fondled his lover’s balls and cock. He lowered his head to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on Richard’s nipples while he continued to lightly run his fingers tips over his balls and cock. Gently he helped Richard raise his lower body to the top step of the hot bath thereby exposing his lover’s sex to him. Joseph, getting between the outstretched legs, lowered his lips and mouth to Rich’s belly button and licked around it and probed it with the tip of his tongue. Richard threw his head back, moaned, and ran his fingers through Joseph’s close-cropped hair. The short hairs tickled and sent electric-like shocks through his fingers. Joseph, his eyes fastened on his lovers cock, studied it and for the first time was able to look at and see a cock other than his own. The nooks, the crannies, the bumps, the blue veins he had never observed before were there for him to see and explore with the tip his tongue. The smell and the hardness, and yet the velvety softness of the cock, excited him as his soft wet lips touched Richard’s balls and he heard Richard gasped. 
The tip of his tongue shot out to touch the base of Richard’s fuck stick. And then following a blue vein, the tip moved up the shaft to the corona. This is the most sensitive spot on the penis. Then ran his tongue tip around the cut mark of Rich’s circumcised cock and over the cock head. Lapping up the leaking pre-cum that had collected there, Joseph found that it did not taste as bad as he had thought it would, so he opened his lips and took the hot, wet, red, angry head into his mouth. 

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ohhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSS!” Richard shouted. “That’s it. Damn it baby, I love it!” 

Joseph’s lips closed around the head of his dick while his tongue kept licking over the cock head; he took the hard cock about 1 inch deeper into his mouth. He rolled up the corners of his tongue and ran his tongue along the underside of his lover’s cock. His fingers continued to fondle Rick’s balls. Then moving one finger over his sweet rosebud he pushed against the ring and entered his rectum

from:   Serving the God

by Nepher-Mery-Neter

The story is set in ancient Egypt – the birthplace of circumcision  

"We agreed that you would do for me everything that you did for Amon. So, Neph, here I am, ready: wash me - and make sure that you do a thorough job!"
He stood up next to the basin, feet apart and arms akimbo. I dipped the was rag in the warm water and applied it to his face. He didn't flinch and I cleaned around his eyes, his nose, his mouth and behind his ears. I dipped the wash rag once again into the water, wrung it out and washed his neck. He raised his right arm, thus indicating that I was to wash his armpit. Then the same with his left armpit. I washed his chest, paying particular attention to the nipples. A smile played on his mouth.
I stepped behind him to wash his back and then ran the wash rag over those two globes that were his 'kheptu'. They were firm and round. If I had been doing this for Mery (as he so often demanded and never got!) I would probably have stuck a finger in there; as it was I did not dare. But he would not let it pass: "Next time, Neph, I shall expect to be cleaned everywhere!" Again I dipped the wash rag in the warm water, wrung it out and applied it to the back of his thighs - so rounded and sturdy - and then I worked round to the front. I washed down the front of his thighs and started moving down towards his knees. "Neph, don't even think of missing out so important a part of my anatomy!" I squatted down in front of him and I came face to face at very close quarters with his genitalia. He parted his legs so that I could wash between them and his 'kherui'; then I very carefully washed the sack itself with its balls inside. He had a triangle of thick hair, just as curly and tangled as the mop on his head. Now I took hold of his 'henen', longer than mine, but not too thick. It was circumcised just like mine - since he, too, had been initiated into some priesthood. I ran the rag over it while holding it with my left hand. It began to swell and grow in my hand, so I quickly let it go.
Now he made me repeat the whole procedure all over again, this time using the towel to dry him. When I had finally finished to his demanding satisfaction I asked him where I would find his kilt or loincloth. "Forget that for now," he said, very seductively. "Now it's time for me to perform a little service for you." His hands went to my waist and he loosened my loincloth and let it drop to the floor.
"Yesssss," he breathed, looking down at the centre of my being. "I knew you would be as beautiful there as you are beautiful of face and beautiful of 'ka'." He sat down on the edge of the bed and held out his hands towards mine. "Come to me, Neph. Come to me. I offered him my hands and he took them in his and gently pulled me towards him. For a moment he rested his head on my chest, then he sat up again. My tightly circumcised 'henen' was hard, erect, firm, pointing directly towards his heart. His right hand let go of mine and he gently touched the head of my 'henen'. I did not move. Then he gently, very gently, stroked the underside of my phallus, drawing his fingers gently and slowly from the stem towards the tip. I shuddered. He did it again. "To me that feels good," he said; "does it feel good for you too?" I nodded, not trusting my voice at all. Now I felt his fingers gently, oh so gently, massage the sack that was hanging between my legs, feeling the 'kherui' inside. Then he let go of my left hand too and I felt both of his hands stroking the'kheptu' of my backside. He said nothing, but let out a long sigh of contentment.
Then he slid down from the bed and knelt before me. The god, the pharaoh, the Lord of the Two Lands, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, was kneeling before me! With his hands still resting on my 'kheptu' he pulled me closer to him. And now I felt the soft touch of his lips on the tip of my 'henen'. He kissed it and then lay the side of his head on my stomach. I heard him breathe in deeply.
"You are beautiful, Neph; you really are beautiful. I could love you if you would let me. Please consent to be mine."
We kissed, long and hard. To begin with it was just wild passion, but then it settled down into a gentle meeting of lips and mouth and tongue. His lips we so full and their taste was like the food of the gods. Gently he turned on his side so that I fell off his body and lay by his side. He leaned over and kissed first one nipple then the other, kissing and sucking. His hand stroked my chest and then one finger travelled down, across my tight stomach and down, down. The finger pulled at the hairs above my 'henen' and then his hand found my 'kherui' again. It felt so good.
I lay my head on his chest and his hands took hold of the back of my head, stroking my hair. In all this time we said nothing, just enjoying the feel of this physical expression of mutual love. Then I stretched out my right hand and felt for his 'henen'. It was erect and straight. I had always noticed that when mine was erect it pointed upwards towards my belly; but his pointed straight ahead. I took it between my fingers. His whole body shook. I withdrew my hand in alarm, but he whispered "It was pleasure, not pain. Go on. Please go on." I took it between my fingers again, feeling its pulsating strength, feeling it straining away from his body. Holding the skin firmly I began to massage his manhood, up and down. At first I did so very gently and very slowly. Soon his hips began to writhe and he began to moan - little groans of pleasure. His breathing began to come in gasps. He whispered, "Faster, Neph, faster. Oh yes! Oh yes!  I did his bidding and started pumping faster and faster. Suddenly he lifted his 'kheptu' from the bed and arched his body. "Here it comes," he almost screamed out, and almost instantaneously the white milk that held his divine seed squirted forth, time after time. He must have ejaculated at least eight times, probably more. My hand was covered with the white sticky liquid, and so was his abdomen.
 “……"What's the matter, my love? Did I hurt you?" He was so solicitous that it was touching. He was truly pained that he had caused me pain.
"Yes," I said. "You are very big, Mighty Min."
He did not laugh. He was all concern. "What can we do?" he mused. "I certainly am not prepared to cause you pain!"
"The remedy is simple," I said. "Let's wait until after dinner."
"Certainly, my love," he said. He must have been thinking that I wanted to put off the difficult moment. If so, he said nothing. Actually my purpose was entirely different.
Dinner arrived on time and our first course, as I had guessed it would be, was ground chickpea salad swamped in oil to be eaten on pita-bread. I had guessed this because the royal kitchen seemed to have a regularly recurring menu. "Don't eat the hummous, my love," I said. He looked at me in alarm. Suddenly, I realised what he must have been thinking. "Oh no, Wos, I'm sure it's quite as safe as anything that the kitchen serves can be."
"So why not eat it, Neph? Our antics have given me a strong appetite. I'm starving."
"Trust me. We'll enjoy it later on. You'll see."
We rested after our meal until it was time for another 'rehearsal' - after all, we opened on the following day and we still hadn't got our act together! Once again I lay down on my back. As he was about to bend over me, I told him to fetch the hummous. "Now, Neph? Now?" he asked incredulously. "Now," I said with determination. He brought over the plate of hummous, oozing with oil. I took hold of his hand and dipped it into the chickpea salad, generously covering his fingers. He was completely confused. I lay back and pulled him over me, and then guided his hand towards my 'powet'. Suddenly he understood. He inserted a hummous-covered finger and smeared the salad around the passage-way. Then he inserted two, three fingers until the entrance was completely lubricated. When he arched himself over me, I reached out and covered my own hand with the glutinous food. As I reached for his erection I smeared it generously all over with the hummous. Then I guided him towards my entrance and he slipped in with no trouble at all.
That night we slept in each other's arms. Wos was the first to wake the following morning. He kissed me on the forehead, saying gently, "Time to wake up, sleepyhead. Today's the big day." After only a few minutes' lovemaking we got up quickly and in a very short time (well, short for us at any rate) I had him and me washed, dressed and fed. At the appointed hour the Captain of the Guard came to provide us with an escort to the Temple of Amon.
Now the High Priest announced, "The god is present; the ceremony begins!" I could hear the rustling of hundreds of bodies outside making their obeisance. The High Priest nodded to me.

I stepped before Wos and prostrated myself. Then I stood up. I unfastened his kilt and pulled it away. During all this part of the ceremony he never once moved, but through all my ministrations he stood like a statue, unmoving, holding the royal insignia crossed across his breast. I knelt at his feet and took from the low table the golden goblet in my left hand. I ran three fingers of my right hand underneath his 'henen'; this always had an arousing effect on him - and it did not fail this time. When his phallus had reached full erection (which was something that only I could judge) I placed the goblet in a strategic position just beyond the tip of his manhood and at a strategic angle, and began the masturbation process, just as we would have done in his bedroom - except that he was standing up, unmoving, while I stroked his circumcised muscle.
He did me proud! I could feel through my fingers that he was about to ejaculate and held the goblet carefully in place. He never flinched or moved a muscle, but throughout he remained the embodiment of the god. He erupted with five or six squirts which landed beautifully inside the goblet. When I had milked from him the last drop and his manhood began to deflate, I deftly wiped the tip clean with one of the napkins. I stood up and showed the contents of the goblet to the three witnesses. The High Priest announced throughout the echoing building, "The god has produced from himself the very seed of life!"
I turned back to Wos. I dipped one finger into the goblet so that it was covered with his ejaculate and held it up to his lips. He licked it off my finger. We repeated this another two times. The High Priest now boomed out, "The god has drunk the seed of life. It has entered him and become a part of him."
I replaced the goblet on the table, took from Wos the royal insignia, and placed into his hand the small jar. I unfastened my loincloth and laid it on top of his kilt. Naked, I reclined on the couch, ready. Now for the first time Wos moved. He undid the lid of the jar and the chapel was filled with the most wondrous aroma of scented unguents. (We decided that this was better than using hummous.) He knelt between my legs; I raised them onto his shoulders and he oiled his way into my 'powet'. As he arched himself over me I generously smeared his erection with some more of the perfumed oil and he penetrated me with no difficulty at all. I could feel his massive organ filling my bowels. He began thrusting with his hips and in no time at all the divine seed was gushing into the very centre of my being.
The deed done, he stood up. He handed me the other napkin and stood in front of me so that the witnesses could not easily see how I was mopping up the divine seed of life that was oozing out of me. The High Priest unctuously announced, "The seed of life has been sown!" I rose from the couch, fastened his kilt back round his hips, placed the regalia back in his hands, made obeisance, and then put on my own loincloth again.
The High Priest called out, "Make way for the Lord of the Two Lands, the Son of Amon, the Master of Khemet, Pharaoh Min-Wosret, Amon incarnate!"
And our procession started back through the great hypostyle hall.

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Vince hoped to hell he hadn't been in the sun for too long. Whenever he got to enjoying the freedom and warmth of the beach he strode on to the sand with every intention of restricting himself to just twenty minutes in the sun before moving in to the shade -- reluctantly. Aware as he was about the dangers of the sun's rays, once comfortably moulded into the sand absorbing the delicious warmth, caressed by a gentle breeze from the ocean his resolutions always went to hell. It was the fate of all too many blanched workers who abandoned their cramped offices or workbenches each year to take wing for warmer climes and foreign parts and who then lose all sense of time and proportion. They surrender themselves to the glare of the sun on their first day out. Caution was thrown to the winds, while the seductive warmth took its toll. Within hours, pale skin turns bright red,shirts began to scratch on sensitive scorched shoulders and it frequently meant keeping off the beach for the next couple of days.

Sun and sand proved a potent combination to the inlander seduced by the delicious trance the elements engender. Whatever their sexual status, the sun creates a sensual pocket of warmth within their swimming trunks, the heated fabric hugging the length of the cock deliciously, massaging it with the slightest movement of the body. The balls tingled to the eroticism of moist heat between the legs creeping from their scrotum, if their legs were slightly apart, then along the line of the perineum threading towards their

Without a second thought, so many men would gently brush their erect nipples, trying to appear as if they were brushing away a few grains of sand but in reality thrilling to the feel of their flat hands as they slide slowly across their sweat-lubricated chest.

The warmth was doubly rewarding for the circumcised man lacking the foreskin cover that would otherwise shroud his glans, acting as an added barrier between cock and trunks.

Vince could never take his eyes off swimming trunks -- speedos or briefs in particular.  Whilst pointing his head in one direction, the eyes behind the dark glasses were always focused elsewhere gazing at the bronzed male bodies scattered around the beach. A rapid inspection of the pecs and abs, then his eyes moved down to the crotch. How often he had observed a sunbather in that blissful state of sun-induced euphoria react to the heat, the cock hardening in a series of small jerking movements as the shaft expanded, easing its fleshy bulge along the crotch into the groin.  Vince
would watch the cock intently, hoping for the appearance of a small black spot in the trunks, indicating precisely the geographical position of the cumslit. This was always another clue to the whereabouts of the glans. The sight of this rounded knob caused him to experience a frisson of tremendous excitement. His eyes would narrow as if they were trying to penetrate the enclosing material to collect every scrap of information about the penis.
He would assess the size and roundness of the cockhead.  How deep was the titillating ridge around the glans? A prominent one indicated a circumcised cock. His imagination thEn proceeded to fill in the detail -- the sexy upsweep from the cumhole to the ridge of the cock; the tight, tight head it
bordered, its twin nubs puffed and silky parting to make way from the stringskin of frenum that its owner would stroke with a finger repeatedly as he threw himself into the all-consuming passion for the glory of cock with the dizzying, creaming finale that ended each session of masturbation.

When guys wore white swim-trunks, he could sometimes see the raised band of circumcision on the cockshaft -- the point at which the shaft changed color as its skin contrasted with the lighter shade of what had formerly constituted part of the inner foreskin topping the shaft about an inch below the circle of the hardened helmet.

How he longed to move along the sand a little, to bend down to examine the circumcised love-muscle at close quarters, and, if it were permitted, load his tongue with saliva, to run gently along the length of the swollen vein protruding from the lower side of the cockshaft as the dick stretched,
full-bloodededly upwards on the man's stomach.  A "full-size" cock, he remembered being told as a teenager,should reach as far as the bellybutton.

Sadly Vince couldn't indulge his fantasies on this occasion. The beach was populated by only a handful of people, their brightly-colored towels and swimming paraphernalia scarring the pure whiteness of the vast expanse of beach.

He stiffened slightly as he gazed along the sand.  What was this? Another figure approaching from the right, moving with a leisurely, rambling movement along the ever--changing foam fringe of the ocean.

His gaze shifted constantly from the sand beneath him to the open sea, cooling vision in itself.

On one of his rare glances elsewhere he obviously noticed another solo male sitting in the shade of a palm, resting chin on outspread hands which lay over one another, themselves resting on his raised knees.

His gaze lasted just a split second too long to be casual. He had time to gain a quick impression of the age and appearance of the lone beach dude. But then perhaps Vince, too, held his return glance a little too long, for after a few paces, the young man looked in his direction again.
Vince stared back unflinchingly.  Unsubtle, but effective maybe, he thought to himself.

Certainly some kind of message passed between them because the male changed direction and ambled up the beach to where Vince sat.

"Hi. Being careful with the sun, huh?"

It was a reasonably original opening gambit, thought Vince, mildly amused.

"Yeah. I once got terrible sunburn and it ruined the rest of the vacation.  Couldn't move for days. The skin was so tight."

"Tight skin, huh?".  The stranger smiled, revealing a row of perfect, gleaming teeth. The glint in the eye as he spoke the three words caused Vince to wonder if they conveyed a hidden message.

He decided to play it for what it might be worth.

"Yeah. Really tight as fuck."
"A tight skin must be so inconvenient,"
It seemed to be working.
"Yeah," Vince responded. "I don't normally suffer from tight
The guy smiled again.
"Nice and loose skin always huh?"
Vince's cock began to expand just a little. He was sure...the guy knew what it was about. Maybe shared his fetish for circumcision.

He removed his head from his hands to lower his knees so he could stretch out his legs on the sand -- full length and wider than would normally be the case. His crotch was now suggestively in full view as his circumcised penis continued to swell a little further.

The stranger's eyes flickered downwards, just long enough to take in the shape of the wonderful cock now progressing bulkily along Vince's belly.

"To be honest," he remarked to the accompaniment of the killer smile, "I wouldn't have thought you had a lot of skin to BE tight. Quite the opposite."

Vince realised that his heart, as novels coyly put it, seemed to miss a beat. Wow! The guy was fucking well into it. Even if he wasn't, he sure knew about it.  Well tutored in matters of the circumcised cock, obviously.
"You're right, dude, I don't.  Skinless.  Clean as a whistle."
"And blown like one, too, I reckon!"
They both laughed heartily.
"Andy," he said, extended hand. "Orange County."
Vince imitated the movement.
"Vince Lucas -- Denver."  The handshake was masculine, firm and dry.
The thought ran rapidly like an electric current through Vince's mind.

"Fuck. This is the same hand the stud used to rub up and down his cock when he milked it."

He managed to utter a few words of sense.

"Why don't you take a seat?"

"Well I'd like to, man. Believe me, but I've only got a few more minutes then I gotta go."

"Why not stay a little longer? What's the rush. You're on vacation, surely? Be cool and let's talk..."

"Believe me, man, there's nothing I'd like more than to talk. I think I can guess what interests you. And what interests you also interests me."

"You're into it?"

"Oh yeah. YEAH. Always been into circumcised cocks ever since I first got a hard-on, then when I found there were two kinds of cocks I got extra-hard. Mention the word "circumcision" and my dick twitches

He looked down.

"You, too, I see. Fuck! That's a beautiful cock you got there. Been watching it harden up. That fucking cockhead looks just like the kinda thing I like to look at...and feel around.!

Vince's heart-rate had increased considerably.

"In that case why not hang out awhile."
"Like I said that would be terrific. But I got a dentist appointment in Taboora, so I gotta drive to the other side of the island. If I don't make it in time, I'll still have to pay. Fuckin' dentist's also away for three days as from tomorrow so daren't miss him. I got this trouble with a filling.  Only one I got and the fucking thing dropped out this morning when I was crunching breakfast at the hotel.  Ached like hell, man so I took a coupla painkillers and my mom made me put whisky on my tooth to numb it. Worked, too."

"Your mom?"

"Yup. Staying with her. The old man died three years ago so I thought I'd spent one vacation with her here.  She loves the Caribbean and Lorenzo specially. Says it has what she calls `an old English atmosphere.' And everybody speaks a language she can understand".

The smile reappeared.

"Yeah," Vince replied. "That does make life easier. My Spanish is pretty crap. I just came to get away from everything.  But it can be a bit lonely. Coupla bars in Taboora and I even got groped there two nights back."

"Wow! Would never have thought that would happen on a small place like this."

Vince knew what he meant.

"True enough. But it was very late...or very early," he laughed. "We'd been drinking rum and cokes for hours, and I got into conversation with this local guy. He was really goodlooking. And I could see from the bulge in his shorts there was a humongous cock hanging down his leg. Couldn't see if it was cut or uncut.  We got talking sex. HE said they always like to seem pretty regular here but strange things go on from time to time."

"How did he get to grope you, for fuck's sake?"

"Like I say, it was late, the mood was mellow and we were in a little corner where the end of the bar curved round. Low lights, and suddenly I felt his hand on my inside leg. I stiffened all over and I think my cockhead began leaking a drip or two of precum."

Vince's cock was pressing upwards from his trunks as if it would burst right through  the shiny material.  Even the briefest glance of an experienced eye would recognise his circumcised status. The round ridge of glans was so apparent it might almost have been naked.

"Jeez. Who'd have thought it.  Maybe Lorenzo's livelier then I thought. But tell me more man. You're getting me all excited."

"Don't tell me! I can see the whole fucking thing there. I reckon that cockhead's gonna burst."

Andy continued with his narrative.

"Yeah. I was freeballing. Can get so humid here at night. I kinda froze as this black hand slid up my inside leg. I was so hard to keep talking to him face to face as if nothing was happening Man! All the time he was moving upwards up to the fuckin' hem...then on `til he got to the balls. Brushed
against them then felt for the cock.  Course it was so fucking hard by this time. `Ooh, you got one huge cock, the guy said and cupped his palm over my glans and screwed his damp palm round and round the knob while my precum was
seeping out. Fuck! I could hardly stand!  My legs went all wobbly."

"I bet," said Vince, enviously. "Wish that had happened to me. What then?"

"The head got slicker and slicker and I thought maybe it was time to suggest we moved off somewhere. But as he was feeling the cockhead he leaned a bit closer and whispered "You're circumcised so tight. Wonderful, man.  I always like that about Americans.  They all got circumcised cock."

"Well, not all," I told him and then he said his was so hard and that I could feel it f I wanted. DID I want?.  Man! Big cock! It was like a black salami down his leg and balls like eggs hanging in a really huge sac."

"Was he circumcised?" asked Vince tensely.

"No. The locals don't circumcise.  Had an overhang of about an inch of foreskin. A long tassel.  If only he had it stripped off the dick would be the rage of Denver. Or at least with my buddies. Great big fuckin' cockhead on the thing, too once I rolled the foreskin back and forth along his black length.  Loose skin, too. Slid up and down easy. But I really turn on to circumcised dick."

"Me, too. Wish you didn't have to go more than ever now."

"Man. Life always turns out like this! I meet you and then I got get out. Like that's what I gotta do now. And I haven't even had chance to see your cock."

He glanced down again.

"Still, I can see what you got quite clearly.  The glans is fuckin'wicked."

"It's a biggie," Vince agreed. "Wish I could have seen yours, too. Like they say - fair exchange"

Andy thought for a moment or two, then looked round to left and right. There were very few people on the beach, all a little distance away.

"What d'you like most about circumcised cocks?" he asked. "A long shaft with a tight cut?"

"Yeah, course. But best of all I like a real fat fucking glans. You know really HUGE. I remember reading about one guy who said he reckoned the sexiest helmet would be one that was twice the thickness of the stem. But that's mebbe going a bit too far"

To any casual observer on the beach, Andy was standing in front of another handsome young man, chatting, hands on hips in relaxed fashion.  But Andy's left hand had surreptitiously slipped between his belly and his trunks,
discreetly moving around within.
"I can't offer anything like that," he smiled, "but my knob isn't exactly small."
As he uttered the words, the left hand pulled aside the legband of his speedos sufficiently to allow the cockhead to emerge into the sunshine.

Vince was hypnotised by the beautiful plum-colored glans peering out from the left of Andy's crotch, magnificently swollen and pulsing as he spoke."
"Approve?" he asked.
"Fucking beautiful, man. Not twice as thick as the shaft but what a mushroom. Jeez! `d love to clamp my lips round that and suck it out.  It's got such a deep cumslit, too. I need to curl my tongue-tip and slide into it. Oh FUCK!  Can't we go somewhere?"

"Believe me, I really WANT to. But I just gotta go.  Thought I'd let you have a look at the cock."
The pre-ejaculate flowing so freely and greasily from the cumslit was making the cockhead glisten, and after taking another discreet look to left and right, Andy pushed out even more of the beautifully circumcised cock.  He gently moved his hand round the glans in a corkscrew motion. His breathing had gathered pace and hoarseness. The young man was closer to the edge than he'd realised. He tensed. The muscles rippled the length of his legs and thighs up which a delicious sensation was creeping. His mouth opened wide in a kind of surprised gasp.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!  I'm fucking well gonna cum. Oh, shit!"

The exposed and gleaming deliciously pink glans executed a series of intense pulses, swelling to capacity as it loosed off a jagged streak of white juice that rippled through the air.

Vince urged him on towards an orgasm in loud words of obscenity, his own cock as taut as a steel rod.
"Shoot it, baby. Shoot all that cream outta that big circumcised cock. Jeez! That massive cockhead.  Cum for me dude. Spray me with spunk Oh YEAH!  Beautiful!  Keep shooting. Squirt it all over my face"
With the fifth spasm, the cock unloaded its final spurt of babymaking fluid, splattering across Vince's eager face."
With another cautious glance around the beach, Andy squeezed the penis in a milking fashion, coaxing out the final few drops of translucent magic cream lurking in the length of the urethra.
Vince watched every single drop, transfixed at the juice and the sheer beauty of the rounded contours of the circumcised dick sticking out hard at an angle from the young man's crotch, showing clearly the circumcision band on its shaft an inch below the head.  .
Andy was gazing down at his cock with equal satisfaction at a job well done. His breath was rapid and deep.
After a minute of seeing the last drop squeeze out, he spoke with a slight croak.

"Man, I'm so fuckin' sorry. But I just gotta go. I'd really like to hang out and play with and suck that thick meat of yours. It looks so hot. And so fucking circumcised tight. That brown ring round the shaft is so HOT for me. But I really have to go or I got problems."

He looked around once more, then glanced down.

"Oh shit! Just look what I've done. Fuck it."

Some teardrops of spunk, still warm from the glans glittered, reflecting the bright sunlight as it clung to the fine layer of golden down on his left leg.  Thickly, the viscous sperm began slowly sliding down his leg.
Andy bent over briefly, collected it on the fingers of his right hand and smeared it across his tongue.

"Sorry dude. I'm gonna be SO late. Sorry. Wanted to shoot you off too."  He was moving slowly away, backwards.

"Hot cock you got there dude, his head nodding in a sign of regret.  And those balls looks so FULL."

He broke into a loping run, obviously in the general direction of his car. As Vince watched the figure slowly padding along the sand, Andy turned round, looked back twice and waved a friendly farewell.

Vince's eyes followed his retreat with a deep sense of regret. His hand was in his crotch, index finger tracing circles rapidly round the sensitive coronal rim of his glans.  Noting the black spot spreading as his precum soaked stickily into his trunks he realised he'd need to walk discreetly into the
bushes behind the fringe of palm trees for a minute or two of satisfying self-gratification.