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I became acquainted with the erotic beauty of circumcised cock at a very early age. I admired that hardened glans so much, although I was uncircumcised myself at the time. I was aware only that foreskin was there on a boy's cock or it wasn't.  The styles of cut, the varying tightnesses and distinguishing scars were still to be studied, learned and absorbed to give me an automatic erection when a trimmed cock was glimpsed, or the subject was discussed. At that time "Gomco" would have suggested an auto builder, whilst "High and tight" could have referred to a circus safety-net.
I was brought up in various parts of Africa. At school the circumcision rate was roughly fifty-fifty - and I was amongst those with the extra skin. It didn't hang pendulously and puckered off the tip of my cock. It was a thinnish foreskin outlining clearly the ridge of the generous bell-end that crowned the extremity of my long cock. I was so proud of the length of my member during those early years. The cumslit in the head peeked through a fringe of foreskin that slid back over the cockhead to melt into the shaft when the cock pumped up into impressive erection. 
At about age 19 or 20 I was working in a port town. Small towns in huge territories
were usually populated by only heterosexuals - as far as they knew! Although many of them were promiscuous, the thought of two men enjoying themselves sexually together wouldn't even be considered.  So, in common with anybody brought up in a small conservative place, anything I did was highly discreet.
I enjoyed the occasional chance encounter and was friendly with numerous gay and bi people who, even so, never admitted their sexual preferences! You had no choice but to conform which I did most of the time.   I was fortunate in that one of the guys in my small apartment block eventually confided in me, and we formed a mutually rewarding relationship in which I would go downstairs to attend to him at times when he was suffering from sperm build-up in order to release it for him by toying and suction of varying strengths.

 He was circumcised, to my delight, and later I would realise on looking back that although he was cut loosely his surgeon had bequeathed him a wealth of foreskin ridged just below his glans for sliding up and down the shaft of his medium-length cock.
Driving home from work across town one evening I noticed the verandah at the most popular hotel in the little town was unusually busy.  "Regulars" clung to the coolness of the bar inside, while families, social drinkers and visitors preferred to sit on the wide veranda looking out at the sun sparkling on the ocean.
On impulse I decided to have a lager. I parked the car and walked  up the steps. 
As I poured my drink carefully down the side of the glass, I became aware of the small gathering at the neighbouring table. An overheard scrap of conversation told me they were members of the crew from the liner moored in the harbour flying the British Union ensign. (The Union Jack) My impression at the time was that most young Englishmen had  torsos which appeared to have been made of white pastry at the top of skinny legs between which the cock was almost certain to be uncircumcised...with probably a long teat of foreskin projecting beyond the knob.  It was a ludicrous observation. I have met so many exceptions to that.   These young men certainly didn't fit into that category. Probably from sunning or working on deck, they were all sporting deep tans emphasising even white teeth. Careful observation showed the legs under the tight, enclosing jeans to be well-shaped and muscular. Not massively bulging muscularity but shaped. I have always been hugely stimulated by the subtle curve of legs and thighs.
One of the handsome young men put a question to me about the location of something-or-other in town, and following my reply to the query I was launched into their conversation - spiced up by a couple more lagers as time went ticking by!    
A few subtle hints and meaningful glances conveyed the necessary message, and eventually I quietly suggested they might like to come back to my place.  Three of them were in eager agreement; the two others declined regretfully.  They were about to return to duty on board.
The four of us wandered towards my car. As we did so, one of those departing said clearly but not too loudly, "Have a good time, fellers," then put his hand on my shoulder, whispering the quiet words, "Grab the young one. He's SO fucking randy."
I looked over the taut bejeaned asses as they climbed into the car.  The truly tight one belonged to the youngest who was, most certainly, attractive in a slightly "pretty" way, despite which I still preferred one of the others who might have been twenty-four or five, with a sexy face to match his shapely body. He had, I thought, a wonderful mouth. "Hmm. Made for cock sucking." 

We had a couple of drinks when we returned to my apartment, and "my" crewman, let's call him Leigh, suggested we went into my bedroom leaving the other two where they were. I agreed without a second's hesitation. Despite being shipmates, even as we left the room, one was inserting his tongue between the lips of the other, his hand moving towards the bulging crotch.
Leigh and I undressed, each watching the other. I was  stunned at the physique - neat and trim, tanned and sexy, especially when he was wearing nothing but his pure white jockeys with a distinctly rewarding package ofgenitalia straining the pouch.
As they slid down his fine legs my heart missed a beat.  I won't give you the usual deal about eleven inches of cock or the largest dong in the whole fucking world. However it was very generous. But above all it was tightly, tightly circumcised. For me this was like a prayer answered. My "roundhead" had arrived. Soon, I thought, my tongue would be running round and round the deep flange of his beautiful cockhead. Little did I realise that before I reached his age, I, too, would have a permanently-exposed glans to give me constant visual delight and frictional pleasure!
My prediction about tongue-stroking his cock was correct.  I reached out for his wand to follow every exciting curve and hollow of his circumcised penis. He responded with some expert play on my uncut cock.
Somehow the session didn't take off fully. Perhaps it was the noises from the adjoining room or the knowledge we might be interrupted. The truth is that after almost swooning with joy at my initial discovery of his circumcisional status we didn't seem to be going anywhere. When the object of my sexual appetite was near fantasy proportions, how could I feel such a tepid urge to suck and fuck to the full with the tightest, longest cock I had seen since schooldays?

 Then the raised voice of one of the others could be heard through the crack of the door urgently reminding my partner that they were due back on the ship in half an hour. There was a quick slapping of greased hand on cock followed by a flurry of activity with the spunk towel and clothing before the two of us emerged from my bedroom to join the others and make our way down to the car. 
As they were getting out at the gates of the port, Leigh leaned over to me to say quietly, "We'll let them go. I don't need to be back aboard until tomorrow. Let's you and I go back to your place and have some real fun."
I was desperately thinking of a way to turn down the offer without offending. There seemed little point. Furthermore I was nervous of small-minded neighbours seeing a strange young man leaving the following morning. 
Too late!
"G'night guys....see ya tomorrow", said Leigh, smiling broadly and giving the "OK" sign with his thumb.
"Right. OK. See ya. Have fun, then. You're going back?"
Leigh just smiled and nodded. He had big ideas for that brilliantly-tailored cock, my foreskin-covered one and miscellaneous holes.  
I was not over enthusiastic.
But how different the second round of the wrestling match was to be!

Safely back at my place, we enjoyed a brief bout of "Britishness" with "a nice cup of tea" during which I was able to make a better appraisal of Leigh's facial attraction. His hair was well cut - carefully shaped by a professional, (probably the hairdresser on board the cruise-liner) framing a face that could have been equally British or American. The ears were quite small but shaped wonderfully and highlighted by the neatly-trimmed dark hair that surrounded them in such contrast.  It's a feature that has always appealed to me. 
is eyes were bright blue with a mischievous twinkle, his nose very straight with no flare to the nostrils. Neat! The lips were full yet without a hint of femininity, whilst the frequent smiles exposed white, very even teeth. Clearly his parents had taken trouble to see that the irresistible product of their loins would be sent out to face the world with every physical advantage!

How lucky I had been. The haste and slight nervous tension during our initial encounter hadn't allowed me the opportunity amply to study this fine example of manhood. This young man shouldn't be pacing the decks of a liner, I thought. He should be pacing the floor in a porn video studio. However, I doubt the young lady whose photographs he carried in his wallet and whom he intended to marry would have approved of that particular change of career. I remember wondering whether she would sense anything like the same excitement as I at the sight and feel of his fine long tube of beautifully-glansed circumcised penis.
Tea and chat over, we brushed our teeth, stripped off and returned to the now rumpled bed.
Within seconds, this wonderful male figure was poised on top of mine, his lips pressed tightly to my own, his tongue virtually fucking my throat...pushing and pulling its way up and down from my mouth, then using its tip to wander round my teeth, front and back, tonguing between the front teeth and the inside lips. Anything within reach of his tongue was massaged to the  "mmm" sounds of sexual pleasure. 
Reaching for the skin-cream he had noticed on the bedside table, Leigh flicked open the plastic lid to squeeze some onto his fingers which were soon oiling my nipples, gently but insistently, circling round them, nipping them gently in reaction to which my stiff cock twitched repeatedly, raising itself almost to an angle of ninety-degrees from my young stomach.  I wanted to shout with joy. But I was "conditioned" to being inhibited and so restricted myself to the luxury of moans and sharp intakes of breath.
He moved to my throbbing crotch where his warm wet mouth was soon closed around my cock. He slid back the foreskin gently, to lavish attention on the crown, simultaneously easing the foreskin down to the balls before returning it up again, over the cockhead and pulling beyond, enabling him to tongue into the tunnel of foreskin he created.
I was lost in a cloudy sexual wonderland, missing nothing of his rippling body in the dim light we had left next to the bed.
He removed his mouth from my cock slowly, the lips closing over my knob to drag across from the rim to the slit as they withdrew. 
"You like that?" he asked looking straight up and into my eyes.
"Fucking beautiful," I sighed, only just audibly.
"Good.   I like doing it.!
"You've got a lovely cock."
"Nothing like as good as yours, man."
"Yeah it is," he said, enclosing it rapidly once more, gulping it down his throat again 
eagerly."Man, I just love this soft foreskin on your dick."

More deep mouth play on my meat.
Again his head came off the cock as he looked up at me, sliding the skin gently on its journey down the shaft and back..... watching my facial response.  His gaze moved to the foreskin...sliding...slipping...up and down....covering and uncovering the bloated cockhead with its eagerly gaping cumslit. His fingers were curled around my shaft caressing it with obvious erotic enjoyment....
"Yeah...foreskin", he whispered, folding it up and down yet again as he watched my face sexily and closely. "fucking hot foreskin. I love it,"
"Not half as much as I love that circumcised cock of yours," I managed to get  out.
"You like that, do you?"
"Oh yes.  It's so hard and I just go crazy when I feel the hard skin of that big knob of yours," I said, wondering slightly at my own lack of reserve!
He wrinkled the foreskin into a concertina again, looking up at me.
"Tell you what.  Give me your foreskin. You can have my circumcised knob."
The very words were so stimulating my cock, already like a rod, somehow managed to find the reserve blood to pump into the shaft to render it even harder.  I'd never known my cock to lengthen to its full eight and a half inches yet remain so astonishingly rigid. My glans seemed strained to explode, pumped full of blood, throbbing purple, the slit gaping, the veins standing out on my shaft. This cock needed to shoot.
"Just lie back a sec," he said, laying his head on the pillow beside me. "Cool down a little or you're gonna cum."
He, too, had been able to divine from the thickness and rigidity of my tool how near it was approaching a massive orgasm.
Both penises deflated - not totally. Despite being soft, both had taken on a decidedly swollen look that was normally absent. It really was what you would call "cockmeat". We were both in a sexual paradise.
After a few minutes his hand brushed the inside of my thigh...feathering...causing my sparse, fine bronzed hairs to stand on end tingling....barely touching yet my cock responded. In a series of small spasms, it re-pumped to full hardness, the foreskin automatically withdrawing from the cockhead it had been partially covering to be displaced on to the long shaft of my dick. 
"Let's sixty-nine", Leigh whispered into my ear before once more thrusting his tongue into my mouth where it swirled around, setting me into the land of erotic cock-thoughts. "This is the very same tongue that was licking my cock. He's going to suck me again soon. Does he like to thrust it into his fiancee to electrify her clitoris."
He lay on his side, pulling me over on to mine, his mouth still closed over my own eating my face hungrily.
The saliva crackled as he pulled his mouth away from me, so he could free himself to move down the bed, changing direction so that his feet were at my end with his beautiful cock an inch from my lips.
He used his lips to snap over and around my glans, twisting his head a little in one direction then in the other as if he was unscrewing it, the lips quite tightly behind the corona. My knob was delicate, yet electrical the sensation was wonderful. He must have been experienced. An uncircumcised cock can be uncomfortably sensitive when the protective foreskin is peeled back to leave the glans entirely naked during play. The partner really needs to know how to handle cock.
I was the mimic at the other end of our duo, doing precisely to his cock what he was doing to mine save for the fact that when he slid my skin down, I would grasp his shaft with two fingers and thumb to make his cock taut, the glans swelling a little more, the slit opening wide running down to the frenum - or where his frenum had once been.
I knew from his response when tapping and touching it with my tongue that the space on the underside of his circumcised cock between the two upswept lobes was highly sensitive and rewarded him with deep pleasure.
But what was this? His mouth had moved from my stem and was lapping at my ballsac with insistent strokes of the tongue. This had happened only a few times before in my life. Action had usually been confined to the cock - apart from a fondling of the nuts by hand during a suck plus the all-too-rare event of tongue on balls.
I was in raptures of sexual delight. Never before had my balls felt so wonderful as his tongue carried on with its good work, his hand grasping my hard shaft but without agitating it up and down. Had he done so I imagine I would have creamed over him within seconds.  
Yet more was to come.   The tongue flicked into his mouth for re-wetting, emerging to touch the ridge beneath my balls.  The tongue was tracing lazily and deliberately along what I would soon know was called the perineum.  I was frozen with delight.  The  tongue traced its way slowly along the trail, returning to the mouth to re-load with saliva with which to cat that sensitive line between cock and asshole. The excitement was stifling me. I almost had to make an effort to breathe - to suck at the air for oxygen.
What? WHAT NOW?  OH FUCK! His tongue was busy again, wet and sticky, rotating round my asshole. Oh god!  I had never experienced this before. This male god was tonguing around my asshole.  I could feel the tight drawstring of my sphincter  loosening up under his assault at the entrance to my asshole.  I breathed even more deeply and unevenly. Was that really MY breath rasping? 
Oh! Uh! Uh! Unbelievable! Fucking unbelievable. His tongue was thrusting into my asshole! He was tonguefucking my innermost being. I had never believed such a thing could happen. How filthy!  How perverted!  The most private, innermost part of my being was getting fucked by a masculine stud's tongue as I suckled the helmet on his perfect, circumcised tool.
It was incredibly beautiful. I was in a sexual frenzy. Imagine! The handsome fucking stud with the beautiful circumcised cock he'd soon be thrusting up his girl-friend's cunt was penetrating me deeply with his fucking tongue.  I was in another world of such unspeakable delight I would do anything...ANYTHING. But no. I couldn't let him fuck me...COULD I?  Could I?  He didn't try. He was content to use his tongue, removing it only for big intakes of air or to utter the lewdest words.   Into his slowly moving hand oozed all my thick creamy load of spunk in a seemingly never-ending lava stream as my cockhead throbbed almost painfully at the release of my juices, his fingers layered in my mancream, the product of my balls, sticking and clicking as his fingers moved very slightly, milking my cock as the flow eased to just a series of final thick individual globs of lumpy sperm.
The next day he was able to stay until midnight.  It must have been a Saturday as we rose late after our night of total depravity, hours of darkness spend pleasuring one another with talk and the sensations that involved mouths, throats, tongues, rounded glans, velvet foreskin, nipples, balls the most secret of bodily entrances. New horizons had been opened to me.
In the afternoon after the sun had passed its noonday peak, we drove a few miles from town on to a beach. The rock pools alive with busy minute life were scattered across the vast expanse of pure white sand stretching from the ocean's white fringe to the lush green of the palms from which we knocked down the green coconuts, lopped off the tops and sucked the sweet milk as if drawing the white sticky liquid from the gaping tip of a huge cockhead.
There are scenes that stay as vividly in the memory and as ineradicable as any photograph.   This was one of those occasions.
I suspect that but for my inhibitions we would have shed our swim trunks completely. But there was a couple farther down the beach. They were only just detectable figures; mere specks, but I was that "conditioned" me, too edgy to do what my inner nature dictated.  So I contented myself with what I could see. As we crouched by the rock pools, my gaze would be concentrated on the huge bulge that packed the swim trunks between Leigh's fine legs. Fully aware of my interest, he would spread the knees wide apart to allow me the maximum viewing pleasure of his genitalia with the distinctive glans shape pulled tight over the full pouch of balls, occasionally looking up to smile broadly before shifting his gaze down to my own pouch of cock, then to his own, occasionally giving it one brief sweep of a hand, moving his lips to frame the word at me - "Circumcised" knowing full well by this time it would excite me.  
One "still" picture I remember with the greatest clarity was imprinted on my brain just before we left.  Leigh was standing on the sand gazing out to sea, a twisted length of driftwood in one hand over which was draped some kind of sea snake - almost symbolic, I thought, of the excitement we had discovered in the very differing snakes that sprouted between our own legs.
On swim trunks black is not a colour which normally highlights the shapes of cock secreted within. But the sheen on the material of Leigh's trunks and the angle of the dying sun conspired to reveal every centimetre of his beautiful penis.  From the heavy balls the flaccid cock stretched across to his left thigh, the trunks moulded tightly round the glans as if to proclaim "Hot circumcised knob,". Any onlooker could hardly fail to have noticed his status worn so prominently and boldly.  It was beautiful.  
With perhaps a slight reddening of the face, I told him as much after we had walked the width of the beach to clamber into the car for the journey home
Leigh smiled.
"I couldn't see the knob on yours but I would have known you had a lot of cock."
He settled into the front seat as I turned around to unearth the ignition key from my hiding place. Despite our care in keeping out of the blazing sun earlier, we had both been exposed to its effects and felt a little drowsy.
"I'm going to have a nap on the way," said Leigh. I turned sideways to see him looking directly at me, blue eyes sparkling despite his words:
"Sun's made me tired. Sort of saps your energy a little.  I need a rest before we get home,"
He paused, and a smile crept across his lips.
"When we get back you know what I want?"
"I can't imagine".  Of course I could!
"A long, long cold drink...."
Although I understood his urge and experienced an identical thirst I was just slightly disappointed. But only for a few seconds - before he added,
"But that's just for starters. THEN I'm going to give you wettest, deepest fucking sixty-nining you ever had when I get you back on that bed."
He kept the promise. That handsome young Englishman had such a long gifted tongue! Such a perfect sculptured cock!



I'm 24 years old, and a chronic masturbator.  I maturbate whenever and
wherever I get the chance.  There is something about holding my own cock in
my hand and stroking it just the way I like it that drives me wild.  But I
also love watching other people masturbate - men and women.  I consider
myself totally straight, but I also love jerking off with other guys - in
real life, or on the phone, or using a webcam.  I love to think that
someone else is listening to me cum. 
 It turns me on so much to know that
another straight guys is getting off listening to me, and I know how much
it gets me off listening to him.  I'll tell these guys who I don't even
know my most though out fantasies - stories that no one but me knows. I
tell them about the places that I have masturbated - stories about how I've
jerked off driving on the highway, and in the water at the beach, and at my
desk at work while there were people in the office.  I describe how I hold
my meat while I'm jerking it, and how I sometimes even like to stick a
finger up my ass right before I cum to make the feeling even better.  I
tell my one-time jerk off buddies how I sometimes will masturbate before
and after sex with my girlfriend, and sometimes in bed at night while she's
sleeping.  I'll talk about the times I used to jerk off with my buddies
while watching porn, and how I sometimes jerk off so many times in one day
that there is no cum left to shoot.
I love being watched too.  Sometimes I'll get online, turn on my webcam and
start jacking, and accept dozens of invitations from people who want to
watch.  I don't care if it's a guy or a girl watching me, or whether they
are gay or straight, it just makes me so fuckin hard to know that they're
all getting turned on while watching me stroke my meat.  This desire to be
watched brings me occasionally to public places, where gay guys meet up to
have sex.  I'll just pull down my pants and start stroking, waiting for the
guys to gather around and watch me.  They know I don't want them to touch
me, or suck my cock, but just that I want them to watch me.  It also turns me on when a gay guy will catch my cum in his hand and use it as lube to stroke his own cocK.  The get excited to ee the juice dripping onto their hands from my big mushroom glans. Don't get me wrong though, I love watching women masturbate too.  Theyon't let you watch very often though, but sometimes I'll get lucky on theinternet.  Watching them rub their clitoris, and stick their fingers inside of their cunt drives me wild.  Sometimes, if I'm really in the mood towatch a woman masturbate, I'll go into a chat room and pretend to be alesbian - then talk some unsuspecting dike through the process of getting herself off.

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