Friday, September 27, 2013

You'll find it between the man's muscular legs 

These remarkable candid shots are of English actor, Bradley James who played the young king Arthur in the TV series "Merlin", a medieval fantasy drama loosely woven around the legend of King Arthur (of Round Table fame)  and the wizard Merlin .
It was also picked up by NBC although it later moved to the cable network. 

This virile. handsome stud was born in the beautiful West of England town of Exeter in Devon. He and his family then moved to Jacksonville, Florida when he was nine years old. During his time there, he attended Crown Point Elementary School and then Fletcher Middle School before attending Madeley High School in Madeley, England.



In crouch position, knees spread wide to emphasise the beautiful length of his penis - which didn't feel the circumciser's blade. The prepuce automatically skins back over the to reveal the top half of the swollen knob  

The foreskin is clearly, very mobile for masturbating quickly rolling back over the glans when the cock is erect


Colin is from Northern Ireland, (Ulster) where very, very few cocks feel the scalpel  Like most of his friends,the foreskin rides on and off the cockhead with no difficulty

BRADLEY'S exciting sex tool is put to good use, lubricated to slide in and out of the tight hole belonging to his co-star and obvious sex-friend Colin. This is how to show Merlin some magic!   Penetrate him deep and hard to make the long uncircumcised cock disappear! The sticky KNOB touches the tight pucker and begins it journey of heat and sensations

It's obvious from his smile that Colin appreciates Bradley's enthusiastic penetration of his asshole by a good length of medieval cock. WHy ride a horse when you can jump on to Colin and ride HIM! 



Bradley reverses the roles and slips back his foreskin to smear quantities of lubricating grease on the knob of Colin's uncircumcised cock. Bradley eases the glistening knob into his anus, at the same time stroking his cock deliciously   

Two very happy uncircumcised guys - lost in a deep fuck 


 Force your skin sword right up into my vitals and unload 

 Colin's chubby penis - his foreskin is in a roll under the head to which it shows its connection by the frenum 

 Balls and cock squeezed between his legs, Colin smiles as he retracts his foreskin again to reveal the cherry-red glans. 

 Don't you wish you could slick your finger with saliva to finger gently round and round the rim of his cockhead?

Even in the water Colin's fat cock doesn;t show any sign of shrinkage. He's chubbed and just waiting patiently for a warm wet mouth to engulf his glans  


A great  smile of Satisfaction as Colin gets what he needs! Very soon there's going to be a spluttering reward for his sucking friend - a delicious mouthful of nourishing, warm spunk 

Monday, September 23, 2013


RICKY loves to share his mighty cock with other guys, so we should be grateful that he offers it for our approval and excitation.
His greatest pleasure is to get the big fat glans against the hole of anybody who can take cock deep then begin his in-and-out ride pushing the bulbous purple head right up to the top of the hole to provoke  a flood of spunk into the warm pink channel.
But when he can't penetrate pussy, male or female,. he pleasures himself with his fast, slapping up and down the long thick tower of cock seeking the greatest feeling in the world.
For the connoisseur the circumcision is loose skin anywhere on the shaft with no obvious circumcision ring...very neat circumciser.  Frenum also nicely removed. for total freedom of movement  during masturbation, sucking and fucking.
This dude is totally uninhibited and lets us know just how much he enjoys his masturbation.
Wouldn't you just love to be positioned between those masculine legs so you could watch his hand flying on the stiff stick, gently tasting the balls with your wet tongue and maybe wetting one finger in your mouth to stroke against his pucker to intensify his flooding orgasm from the big pulsing cockhead,


That night I was leaving a night club and another guy also leaving said 'going home?  I saw you on the nude beach today." 
It was the American.
Yes, that's right. You were bashful about your cock being circumcised.
Yeah. And you said you liked cut cock
That's right
Hey I'm staying just near here. I've got some stuff, so we could have a hot time sucking and fucking.  I'll fuck you then you can fuck me."
OK lets go.
I went and we had a fantastic time although I was well away.  He was right. he was circumcised tight with a HUGE helmet. I was crazy for his fat cock.  As somebody once said the cock could feed a family of four for a month.  Unfortunately he left the next afternoon. 

One of the things he liked doing was fucking his cock from behind and between my legs with lots of lube.  It made a great greasy crackling sound as the monster cock slid in and out under my balls.    He shot with a lot of noise and I remember tears of warm glistening cum sliding down my leg. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Here's Ron from California with definite likes and dislikes!
Thanks for the fat shaft, Ron - who describes himself as - . 

Just an average 56 year old Italian guy living in Palm Springs Ca. I enjoy being with real guys and avoid the effeminate group who calls each other "Girl". I enjoy drug free, fun to be with, average looking, well kept and real men. Never got into the so call gay community or the gay pride thing and still don't understand it nor do I care. Easy to get to know and have a dry sense of humor. Enjoy my pics.


The frustration!  Hot stud buckles himself into the seat on board the jetliner.  Later a great-looking dude takes his seat, but a GIRL comes and takes he middle seat.  If she hadn't been there maybe they could have "accidentally" brushed knees before slowly sliding hands up the thighs to feel the bump,. maybe even get to ease the cock out of the pants.   Could they? Dare they?
They give in to temptation and taking great care feel around their warm crotches. What a reward! To appreciate each other's wonderful round-headed penis.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


This used to be a British phrase for jerking off, masturbation or wanking!  

   Grant that I may not so much seek to be sucked off, as to suck;    to be tossed off, as to toss; to be fucked, as to fuck.    For it is in giving of seed that we receive.    It is in Penis worship that we are perverted,    and it is in Lust for Cock that we are born to Fuck Eternal.

One of the great excitements of life is feeling the heat of another man's rigid penis in your hand...sliding yourself greasily up and down the shaft and over the swollen KNOB 


This true account was first published exclusively in “Circumcised or Uncut” on  The copyright is the author’s

Cut guy with camera takes foreskin photos... 

“I’m at the station,” said the voice on the telephone above the background din of scurrying passengers.  “Okay. I’ll be with you in five minutes. What are you wearing?” I asked.

“Black T-shirt, black jeans and carrying my mobile.” “Be there in five minutes. Just wait at the door of the Supermarket on the main platform.” I’d made contact with Dave after seeing his notice posted on the web seeking somebody to take some photos of him with a digital camera. He would be happy to pose providing he could have copies e-mailed from the computer.
 “I’m at the station,” said the voice on the telephone above the background din of scurrying passengers.  “Okay. I’ll be with you in five minutes. What are you wearing?” I asked.
“Black T-shirt, black jeans and carrying my mobile.” “Be there in five minutes. Just wait at the door of the Supermarket on the main platform.” I’d made contact with Dave after seeing his notice posted on the web seeking somebody to take some photos of him with a digital camera. He would be happy to pose providing he could have copies e-mailed from the computer.
It occurred to me only as I walked down to the train
station that despite having bought the camera some
months ago I had taken only one selection of
photographs. Although they had come out unexpectedly
well I realised that whilst I had taken care to
re-charge the batteries I had completely forgotten how to use it - apart from clicking the vital button.  Well, it’s all quite straightforward. Can’t envisage any problem there!
What would Dave look like? The encounter could be possibly mildly embarrassing, but I could always resort to the original deal - that I had merely agreed to take a handful of pics and that nothing else was implied.
When I sauntered towards the supermarket door - there was the guy in his black T-shirt and Jeans, belly hanging over the belt,  the owner of just the few remaining strands of hair combed across his shining, rapidly-balding head.
Wasn’t it just my luck?.  Not to worry, though. This would b e a very rapid photographic session.  “Hi.” I said, managing a smile, “Are you waiting to meet K?”
The guy was slightly startled. “No,” he responded, taken aback at being approached by a total stranger, “I’m waiting for my wife.”
“Sorry. Wrong person.”
Maybe Dave had gone to the door on the opposite wall that led into the store from outside the station. So I walked through and checked out that entrance. All was quiet. Nobody waiting at all.
It was after returning to the other door that a young man sauntered past whispering into a cellphone - and wearing a black T-shirt with black jeans.  COULD it be?  As he looked up and caught my eye, he smiled. “You K?”.
I was both relieved and delighted.  As we walked home he explained that he was bi, had a young son who now lived with the wife from whom he was separated. The thought that he had conceived a child slipping his cock in and out of that juicy vagina before shooting a massive load of cream made him doubly attractive. The thought was erotic.  He was slightly shorter than my own six feet. He might not have deserved the description of “hunk” but he had the lean, tightly muscular tennis-player build that appeals to me.
As we had a brief introductory conversation, I was looking down at his crotch trying to “read” it  as I always do. I’m a compulsive “reader”.  I can usually detect whether the cock is packed in the pouch of a pair of briefs or hanging loose down the legs of a pair of boxers. I look carefully for the hint of that even, rounded ridge that indicates not only the way the cock is lying but whether it is circumcised. I turn on to the sight of a well-defined glans outlined in a guy’s pants.
There was no visible ridge so I surmised that he was carrying foreskin.
Once back in the house we went straight to the bedroom, the natural “background” for taking pictures of this kind.
“Make yourself comfortable, “ I said, pointing vaguely to the bed. “Feel like a beer?”
“Great, man!” he responded eagerly. “Already had a couple with some buddies but it’s so hot tonight ain’t it?”
“I like it that way,” I responded as I left the room to go down to the fridge.
Lying back on the bed tipping our cans of lager from time to time he  talked about his family background, his interest in expanding sexual horizons., and his work as a train driver.
“I’ll go and get the camera,” I said eventually.  It took me only a minute to take it out of the cupboard, removing it from its protective case. Even though it was such a short time when I walked back into the bedroom he was totally naked and completely at ease.  I realised once again how neat the body was.  Not an inch of surplus fat anywhere yet by no means skinny. In short - it was tempting!  I’m not going to fantasise here by telling tell you the cock was meaty enough to feed a hungry family of six, but again it was neat and attractive and likely to become even more so when it hardened up. Even a flaccid cock can be highly erotic.  This one certainly was.  The foreskin which was long enough to hide the lip of the glans had automatically slipped right back from the head to reveal the glint of the PA - the shining ring through the cockhead. The light caught the other projecting from his ball-sac and one piercing his left nipple.  “Any more metalware hidden around?” I asked jokingly.  “Slowly, he fully extended his glistening tongue into which a small silver ball had been inserted into the furrow.  Fuck it! My cock began to swell, well disguised and held in control by my white briefs.  I decided we’d start easy.
“For a start let’s go with these white shorts.” I suggested. He pulled them on, whilst I stretched out face
“Stand over me,” I instructed, “with your legs apart, the cock and balls hanging down the leg on one side.” He obeyed willingly, pulling up one leg of the shorts slightly so the balls could clearly be seen, a nicely rounded pair of orbs hanging below the uncircumcised penis, where the foreskin had rolled back into folds behind the cockhead.
“Look down at your cock. Keep still now. Hold it!” I commanded.
Flash!  The first picture had been taken.  It looked good on the camera.  I re-positioned him again, realising that we were going to end up with a good selection of pics.  However the flash stubbornly refused to operate on the second pose.  “Fuck it!” I said. “And I can’t even find the instruction booklet.”
“Don’t worry. I think the flash isn’t working. The camera can see automatically there’s already enough light in this room. Let’s just carry on.” We did.
We got some good poses removing the shorts with cock and balls lolling   over the fly at the bottom of the zip - as if they were an extending an invitation - to suck them. Then, seated at the bottom of the bed, legs on the floor, he lay backwards straight out on his back, legs apart revealing the full glory of his crotch pulling apart from below the cheeks of his ass to display the shaved, tempting hole.  “These are going to be good, I reckon,” I remarked.  “Now I think we’ll have a couple looking down towards the cock from just behind your head.   As I said this I had climbed on to the bed and made my way to a position a little behind his head. It was making my tight jeans uncomfortable, so I quickly slipped them off.
“I think we’ll get it hard again at this stage,” I said. He made no move - an open invitation for me to lend a hand - which I gladly did. The moment I touched it the cock sprang into life again, the foreskin sliding down by the balls pulling tightly on the head to make it swell into an impressive shining purple mushroom  I gently moved the skin slowly up an down a little. The glans hardened yet more.  The cock had now extended telescopically into an unexpected length of manmeat. The foreskin had virtually disappeared so tight was the shaft of the instrument he kept in the warmth between his legs.
As I took in this erotic sight I was delighted suddenly to feel a hand moving up my leg, pushing into my briefs and easing out my own hard-headed and swollen cock.  He was fingering gently round the glans rim giving me a delicious sensation which - I noticed - also made his own cock twitch against his belly in a series of jerks and slaps.
By this time I had put down the camera, whilst he had moved his head upwards, using it in a series of long slow moves to allow his wet hot mouth to climb the length of my cock time and time again, his wet lips caressing the veined shaft to convert my dick into a rigid totem pole topped by its hard, big-slitted circumcised head.
I doubled over to move into a 69 position.  I pulled up his foreskin slowly to cover the tip of my tongue which busily occupied itself in fucking the funnel of foreskin  With the pressure growing within my own root, I became fully turned on, accommodating the total length of his dick in my my mouth and throat, savouring the occasional gentle clicking of the PA on my teeth as I manoeuvred up and down his generous cockmeat.  He was turned on, too, moans and sighs of delight gurgling up from the depths of his throat when the gentle but regular fucking movements of my cock would allow it.  It was an exciting sound, blending with the crackling schlurp of saliva flowing out of his mouth and running down his chin, set flowing by the relentless cocksliding, the head slithering in and out, in and out. I paused briefly with the application of tongue treatment to the cock to wet one long finger. After doing so, I began lapping at the sensitive seam linking his balls to his ass which served to increase the volume of his moans.  “Oh fuck!”  He could just manage to gasp out the word in distorted, strangled tones between the relentless insertions of my rigid meat. 

By the time I reached his ass he was squirming in delight  - vainly struggling to express the exquisite sexual feelings he was experiencing through mouthfuls of the swollen circumcised cock he was so greedily devouring.  He tried even harder as I uncapped his cockhead, inserted his dick into my own mouth once more, simultaneously tickling his anus with the wet finger. Tight though it was it slowly opened to gave my finger admission.  Still sucking, I inserted a different finger into my mouth, moving this newly-lubricated one to his hole. It slid in without much resistance from his pucker hole until its full length was deep in his warm enclosure.  I intensified the sucking and began a slow-speed fingerfucking, plunging deep into the moist warm depths of his bowels, easing out as far as the sphincter only to return to invade his inside again and again and again.  In his clenchings of delight he wasn’t alone.  He might have been the owners of a foreskin but Dave knew how to suck circumcised. His tongue was already swirling round the dickhead but he now brought into play the piercing on his tongue, rolling it round and round the ridge of my corona until I felt it was near to bursting.  He too, was in sexual ecstasy.  The prostate I had been massaging by finger was hard as hell, the cock was moving into a series of occasional spasms, the huge vein down the centre of the dick taking on the rigidity of a steel rod.  The uncapped head was swollen to its full extent;  his hips heaving slowly up and down sent me the message he was about to shoot. Keeping the finger mobile in its massaging of the gland, I increased the suction on the cock, thrusting my tongue tip into the slit and massaging the whole top, flicking at the PA that pierced the sensitive corona of his uncircumcised meat. .   My other hand, meanwhile, was making a series of pinches and twists on the ring through his left nipple to which the response was an increase in the undulating movements of his muscular body.   His legs were tightly stretched, the muscles full-blooded and taut as if he were trying to pressurise the rich cream up through his loins to jet in delicious splats through his uncircumcised member, its head cleared of every trace of foreskin that might hinder the delivery.  He was about to cum. Moving my mouth, I did so just in the split second before his babymaker  erupted into a series of violent spasms - thrusting jets of thick white juice into the air to land with a succession of spattering sounds on his belly and extending even as far as his own face.“Aaaah!  Oh, fuuuuuck! Oh, man that’s fucking great.  Yeah!  Yeah! Yeah!” His orgasm seemed endless as his cockhead swelled, shot out another arc of jism, only to explode again to keep his fountain of semen squirting.
Eventually his breathing slowed down. The semen slowly
dribbled from his mouth to trail a warm river down his
face,  yet more rivulets from the pools of spunk lying
on his chest also losing some of the rich albumen
thickness to trickle in a warm flow down the sides of
his stomach to the blue towel covering the bed
 +++++++++++ What a great introduction to photography.  But not a TOTAL success. It was only when we had both showered down and exchanged a few words we discovered that only the one picture taken with the aid of the flash had been successful.
His reaction?:  “Fuck it. Don’t worry too much, though. I’ll come back and we’ll do it all over again,” His horizon-broadening experiments added to the problems of finding a suitable new flat kept him too busy for the next few weeks. But he e-mailed me eventually to say he’d like to meet up. Would it be okay to come round again.
I didn’t even have to give it much thought before answering!
The one good picture from the session stays in “my
documents” - the cockhead hanging enticingly down his
left leg, foreskin retracted behind the ridge of his
bulbous corona through which the PA glitters - almost
a miniature neon sign saying  “suck here”

OMG!!!! What the FUCK does his cock look like when the tool hardens iron-like and the cockhead slips out of the foreskin?


IT'S THE G I R T H -   
NOT THE L E N G T H                                                                                            

     It's the power and the strength
It invades and impales
It is veiny, but it is smooth
It likes tongue, not so much tooth
And some sucking never fails
It is hard, and soft as well
When it's in me, what the hell!
Pump me harder, that's a boy!
Out again, it seeks my mouth
Head pushed into crotch, down south
Use me, fuck me, I'm your toy
Back of throat, deep you thrust
Keep it down, do this I must
Looking up I see your gaze
Eyes that speak of lust anew
Stare at me even while you spew
You cum, and we, together, laze.                                                                       

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 The Cock! The Voice! The Brain! The Mind! Repeat....The MIND! The Edging! The Gooning! The Zoning! The Deserved Busting Of The Nut! The Sperm! The End! 
It's all about the cock!
Say it again....slowly!

 The cock that must be jacked....the cock that must be edged....the cock that must be stared at....lusted for....teased with....the cock that must be deliberately put right in front of your face....intentionally displayed directly in front of your eyes....outrageously brushed against your lips....the cock that must be forced PAST those fuckin' lips so that that fuckin' massive erection can be obscenely laid across your saliva-laden tongue....ultimately forcing its way WAAAAAAY past the back of that fuckin' tongue in order for that flared and perfectly shaped/perfectly defined mushroom head/ridge/crown/helmet to easily be PLUNGED even further PAST your fuckin' throat.

The cock that must be jacked....the cock that must be edged....the cock that must be stared at....lusted for....teased with....the cock that must be deliberately put right in front of your face....intentionally displayed directly in front of your eyes....outrageously brushed against your lips....the cock that must be forced PAST those fuckin' lips so that that fuckin' massive erection can be obscenely laid across your saliva-laden tongue....ultimately forcing its way WAAAAAAY past the back of that fuckin' tongue in order for that flared and perfectly shaped/perfectly defined mushroom head/ridge/crown/helmet to easily be PLUNGED even further PAST your fuckin' throat. that you can masturbate the cock not only with your fuckin' hand....not only with your fuckin' mouth....but also with your fuckin' THROAT! The swollen and engorged ridge of the crown of that perfectly shaped/perfectly defined mushroom-headed cock MUST be pushed in and out of your throat....until you gag, choke....and until your wide-open eyes FILL with TEARS!

A superb cock that any boy could be proud of ,  beautifully circumcised for enthusiastic penetration and long endurance.  He is old enough to know that his cock will be admired, sucked on and enveloped by the holes of men and women fortunate enough to be given the chance to bring him to a great spurting conclusion

Thursday, September 5, 2013

We want YOUR cock!  Show us your clipped masterpiece and tell us how much you love it and the juicy splattering you deliver. 
    Or if you're uncut, slide the foreskin down the shaft to show us your hot "circumcised look" 

Tell us more about the cocks that excite you; make you stiffen up as you it the HEAD?  Long, veiny shaft? The circumcision ring? 

All of us remember the finest, most impressive penis we ever laid eyes on...where you could hardly hold back from fingering the glorious exposed knob..  
Where was your hot experience? How did it happen?  What made the encounter so unforgettable?

 If you're a web voyeur you'll know that the Brazilian boys who demonstrate their sextools are certainly well hung....great dangling, or stiff upward-pointing
penises that many others would envy.
Sadly, for those of us who turn on to the sight of the naked glans, all those big hunks of cockmeat are hooded...although they retract the foreskin when masturbating or showing their cock. This is one of the exceptions -nicely circumcised, although it may seem at first glance that he has just retracted the foreskin. 

This youngster has learned at an early age how deeply satisfying it is to insert a stiff circumcised penis into his mouth and to suck and tongue the tool until it unleashes a stream of thick white juice onto his tongue.    The main point of concentration = as he knows so well - is the sensitive, nerve-rich GLANS 

 Always a favorite pastime for cock-worshippers -  casting a glance to the next urinal to check out the PENIS.  Is it a long, deep penetrater?  Fat? topped by a swollen GLANS?  Show yours discreetly.  Perhaps he also wants to reach out and feel your circumcised stiffness....

 At one time RIC (routine infant circumcision) was the order of the day in Australia. A healthy outdoor life, exercise and good food seems to have resulted in making the average Ozzie penis an awe-inspiring piece of circumcised sexual equipment. 
Today, sadly, far fewer men go under the knife "down under".  Here's one whose parents maintained the tradition  The beautiful head topping the tight-cut shaft is about to drop its creamy load......    

 A handsome stud, pants and underwear down to offer you a glimpse of his long prodder.  He is uncircumcised, but like so many, slips the foreskin back to reveal his well shaped knob


I  felt just a little apprehensive as I pressed the front doorbell and heard an extended musical chime echoing inside.
I wondered whether I had been foolish in replying to the ad in the magazine. The first few words in heavy type caught my eyes as I imagine they were expected to do - "Massage, soft hands, oil, great pleasure..."   The practitioner was apparently called "Rob" although the final instruction was to call and make an appointment with Mr A. Cullophile. 
A Greek name, maybe, I mused. What equally unfamiliar given name would begin with an "A" that could match it. Androcles? Andronicus? It couldn't possible be something as prosaic as "Alfie" or "Archie"!
I'd pulled off a couple of sweet deals during the week which would give my bank balance the financial equivalent of a blood transfusion so I was feeling a little reckless. Why not pamper myself? Or even better - let somebody else pamper me. The uphill struggle to get those contracts signed had been wearing to say the least.  Quite a few nights had been spent restively tossing and turning, and on one or two occasions the chain of events had left me with an empty feeling in the stomach somewhere when it appeared that my efforts might have been in vain.  

 But all had worked out well in the end.   So here I was hoping for some soothing stroking and - well, we all wonder whether there might be a "happy ending" when we treat ourselves to a massage. All too often, I had heard, it meant a rapid, uninspired hand job by an uninterested young man who couldn't wait to see the door close behind his latest client.  But the not knowing was titillating in itself. If nothing happened, so what the hell?  I could go on somewhere later and get groped or something. 
My jumble of thoughts did a rapid re-run rapidly as he waited on the doorstep.
The shining white door swung open to reveal a dark-haired, dark-eyed slender young man with a short, slightly spiky hair style that fizzed up in a cockade at the front. 
"Hi. You must be Mr Lansdon?"
"That's right, yes."
"Right on time.  Come in. I'm Trevor" 
He smiled, backed in and made way for me to enter the softly-illuminated passageway.
Once he'd closed and bolted the door he suggested I walk ahead to the first door on the right. He 
He stretched out his hand from behind me to twist the knob on the door which swung obediently inwards....
"I'm sure you won't mind, but as a regular routine we always suggest our clients enjoy a shower before the process." 
"Quite right, too", Ii answered, "particularly after a hot day like today"
"You're right," he smiled. "Summer's really here,"
He  pointed towards a pile of fluffy differently colored towels on a stool.
"Just use one of those. And after you've showered take one of the smaller ones on the right of those and wrap it round you."
He spirited a coat-hanger out of nowhere.
"If you'd like to undress I'll take your clothes and hang them up."
I began unbuckling my belt.  I always felt mildly nervous if anybody actually watched me disrobing.  A locker room at the club or a baths was different. You weren't aware of a pair of eyes checking out very crevice in your body.. 
"I guess you work out regularly," said the young man confirming my suspicions that he'd been valuating me.
"Yes. I try to keep reasonably fit because I spent half my time at a desk and the other half getting round so I get the best of both worlds."
I was balancing on one leg as I slipped out of my boxer-briefs.
"Are you Mr Cullophile?" I asked. 
He smiled broadly. 
"No. As I told you, I'm Trevor and your masseur is Alain."
He pronounced it in the French manner, I noticed.
"So who is Mr Cullophile?"
"You've not come across the name before? Or just the word, maybe."
"Not that I can recall. Should I have?"
"Not really, but it conveys a great deal to some people."
I frowned, I think.
"That sounds a little weird."
"I suppose it is,"he smiled. "But I'm sure Alain will tell you more about that. Now if you'd like to use the shower."
I enjoyed the cascade of hot then cool water. it had been a day of high temperatures and dust, but it all seemed to slip away in that stylish bathroom all in black and white matt tiling of a shape I'd seen in Europe a few weeks earlier.

As I towelled myself off, the door opened for Trevor to make a re-entry.
"I was just checking with Alain, and he says he's looking forward to meeting you. He thinks you're going to enjoy this hands-on experience very much indeed."  
"Oh - good," I responded rather weakly. 
What else can you say? It seemed to hint at something slightly - well, sexy.

As I walked into the massage room I was greeted by Alain who was clad in something that looked like a cross between an Arab djellaba and a Roman toga made of a light soft material that flattered his upper chest, a well-developed array of muscle on bone structure. I wasn't the only one attending a gym with regularity. His legs matched the upper body - well shaped, well defined as though he were a regular swimmer, but not a heavy weight-lifting type.
From the manner in which his movements pressed his body agains the flimsy material he also  appeared to have another large muscle situated between his handsome legs. The shape of a lengthy tube of flaccid cock swung to and fro a little'  with each gentle swing the glans of the penis was clearly delineated against the cloth. I knew at once he was circumcised and wondered if I would manage to see it...  Or maybe even to fondle or suck it, perhaps run my wet tongue tip round and round his coronal ridge. 
"If you'd like to take off that towel and lie face downward on the massage table for me,"
He reached in front of me to slide open a panel halfway down the black vinyl topped table. The purpose was obvious.

"That's just to ensure you feel comfortable without your body putting pressure on your penis and balls," he explained.
I must have shown mild surprise. 
"Oh I believe in calling a spade a spade," he smiled again. 
"Do you object to conversation while I'm working you? A little of the right chatter helps things along I always think,"
"No, that's fine with me,"
"Good. Is there anything you'd like before we start? Water? Something stronger? It's been a warm day. Poppers? If there's something that enhances your experience, give me the word. I'm here to give you full satisfaction. "
My cock must have twitched slightly.
"We like you to thoroughly enjoy your time here," he said.
"I'm fine," I replied. "I feel relaxed already. In fact I feel just a bit lightheaded to tell you the truth. Must be the heat."
"I guess. And we also put a little something in the air conditioning that smells good." He added pointedly, "I think it works wonders,"

Now just breathe deeply and relax.  Don't worry about anything. You're going to enjoy this so much. I guarantee."
It sounded good somehow.  But then I was feeling good. Surprising what a little air can do. I became aware of the feint, gentle hum of the a/c equipment." 
"You said you didn't mind if I talked while I work on your body,"
Fuck it. A goodlooking guy like that with a huge hanger between his muscular legs could do anything, I thought. Funny how i felt slightly  dizzy. Like I was floating around in a sea of warm cotton candy and the world was great. 
"No, talk away,"
"About anything?"
"Any fucking mean anything."
"Good. You really are relaxed," he said in his soothing low voice. "Now we can get down to the serious business of pleasuring your body.  I'm going to do some things which I know you'll like very, very much.  But if there's anything you don't like all you have to say is "Stop" OK?"
I nodded in agreement, or as well as I could with my  head pressed into the top hole in the vinyl covered table.

There was a pause. I heard a cap taken off a bottle of some kind.  Another pause and then the sound of his hands rubbing together to spread the oil.
I think the word must be "swooned". Anyway that's what I felt happened the softness of his oiled palms touched my shoulders.

He talked as he worked his way down each side of my body, pausing occasionally to
re-plenish the oil smeared on his soft hands.  
"Trevor tells me you asked about Mr Cullophile,"
"Yeah. I thought it was such an unusual name. Kinda foreign."
"Its origins are,"he confirmed. "But it isn't a name as such. It- well I guess you'd call it a code word that would mean something to some people. In fact it would be very significant."
Really? I didn't realise that. What sort of code word?"
"It has a sexual connotation," said the masseur, his hands continuing to roam over my body then settling on the cheeks of my ass.
Boy! It felt SO good. I never realised being rubbed with a little oil could make you feel so totally wonderful inside; like I'd had a few joints or something." 
"Oh tell me more," I muttered, lost in my dream world ready for anything. God his hands were magic!. Or was there something about that fucking  air conditioning? I vaguely remembered his eyes had betrayed something or other when he mentioned it. 
Through the hole lower down the table, my cock had developed a mind of its own to pump itself mercilessly rigid, and I realised would be appearing beneath the table at an angle of forty-five degrees from my pubes, pulsing from time to time, the knob swollen, mashing its big cut head upwards to smear a little of my juices on to lower side of the table. Thank goodness he wouldn't be able to see.  But what the hell if he did see it? I really didn't care. I had the feeling anything could happen here. And whatever it would be
  was likely to be interesting; even exciting. 
He was leaning more heavily on my ass-cheeks now, smearing my buns with warm oil, then his arms upwards at the elbow so he could use them to lean on heavily, making repeated circular movements on each cheek.   From time to time he exerted more pressure to lever the buns apart. I could feel the air on my pucker.   Felt fucking good. I wish he'd finger the hole just a little...

"I couldn't help noticing as you lay on the table Mr Landson...."
"Yes, Guy. I couldn't help noticing you had a fine body. You work out, I'd say, quite definitely.  I particularly thought your leg development was good.  Your legs are so muscular and well-shaped. I have always admired good legs on another man."
"Thanks. Er...yours also look good." 
"I also couldn't  noticing also that you are circumcised."
"Yeah. I am. Anything wrong with that?  Don't you approve?"
"Oh yes. Yes I approve very very much.  In fact if I didn't you wouldn't be here now. Or rather I wouldn't be here.  Trevor would have been massaging if you had not been circumcised.  Trevor prefers to see a cock that's circumcised, but he doesn't object to foreskin. He's quite happy to slide the skin up and down over the knob if he's massaging or even just playing. 
Images went through my mind of the handsome Trevor slipping cockskin up and down a big fat cock. My own dick was so hard I thought it might explode. I was so sexed up. 
"You see, I am an accucullophile, Guy.  That is somebody who is sexually aroused by the circumcised male penis. Guys like me get a big charge from seeing a beautified penis - a cock on which any trace of foreskin has been removed so the clean stem has a big open cockhead with the slit and frenum - if there is one left - totally open.  To us that's what a sextool is all about. 
"That's why our ad in the male mag usually - not always, though - catches the attention of guys with the same sort of interest. You're sure you don't mind me talking about male members and sex as I'm working on you?" 
"Wow. Not at all man, It's hot."
I think I sounded a tad dreamy.
"Fucking go on, man. Anything. Anything..."
"I think you will enjoy me talking as I do you," he said quietly.
"Oh yeah. sure man. Don't hold back. I love to hear all this stuff.."
Of course I take pleasure in seeing and feeling the entire body, although it's the penis which is always at the front of my mind.    
But I notice and appreciate other features. For instance I can see you have a wonderful brown eye between the buns that you have shaved so neatly. The whole of your anus looks so clean and inviting. When I lean  on the cheeks to push them outwards then pull apart a little, does that make the sphincter feel good? Does your hole feel warm and ready?"
As carried out the actions again with a little more force, my hard circumcised cock throbbed as he repeatedly pulled the cheeks outward before allowing them to settle back into position again, each time sending a small electric current spinning round the lips of my asshole. 
His finger, well oiled, was moving slowly and gently round the perimeter of my hole driving me crazy with lust.   I wanted to scream "Put your whole fucking hand in," but managed to restrain myself though the words were almost on my lips.
I realised I was pushing my ass upwards a little from time to time almost making fucking actions.  He recognised it was an invitation to go further; that I was HOT .
I was nearly passing out with pleasure when his finger stopped circling my asshole to enter right into my dark moist channel. 

It eased itself in with the slick sound of grease a short way before withdrawing again.  I could hear movement and realised he was adding more lubrication to the finger.  
"I'm making my fingers more oily. I hope that's OK with you? It means I can go deeper to give you even greater pleasure"
"Hmm, yeah....feels so good.  I feel so fucking good all over"
"I thought so.  Now it's going to feel just a  little cool as I slip my finger into your hole a little again.  Like..that.  Okay?"
"Pushing in..further.  I see you like that too. Your asshole is tightening around me.  Good. Grip it.  Grip my finger. Now relax. I'm going all the way in, right up your hole.
I stopped breathing as his finger worked itself its full length into my asscrack. There was no resistance.  My channel just opened up like a flower to accept him as if it were intended.
I don't like to be fucked. I always found it painful when I tried. But this was something else. It was delicious.  He found somewhere in my ass that was like an electric buzzer thrilling me all along the channel between my ass and the root of my cock. 
"I noticed your cock immediately when you came in.   It was a very fat length of meat, but most of all I admired that huge head on it - your mushroom.  That is what I call the heart of a cock.  I could look all day at a well-shaped, tightly circumcised penis, checking out the size and shape of the helmet.
But that's not all,"
He was still finger-fucking me and making a sexy crackling sound as he did so. 
His other oily hand was stroking my balls with a feather-light touch. 
"I examine most carefully the circumcision marks. Sometimes you can hardly see them they are so feint. Sometimes they have marks that seem as if the circumcision sutures were inserted vertically....  But the one I love most is the upside-down V. It usually echoes the underside of the cockhead.  I like it most of all when the cut is a dark brown colour and immediately visible. It's as if it were an outspoken advertisement for circumcision."
"Your bell-end is amazingly large. I haven't seen many of that size. The cap really is like a huge mushroom.
I shall need to see it again in a few minutes.  It deserves some good treatment.
As he uttered the word I felt a stunning sensation sweep over my cockhead which it took me a moment to analyse.
Oh, WOW!  Delight. Amazing! My cock! Somebody was under the table securing my glans within his lips, gripping just beneath the coronal ridge and pulling on the head a little.  He was sucking my cock; stretching it with his soft lips. It felt unbelievably good to have my cock eaten like this. 
The lips slid slowly and smoothly along my shaft, the head of the sucker moving upwards to accommodate my entire cock. Then he began to mouth-masturbate me, moving his head up and down the rigid length of my tight dick. At the same time my masseur was pushing two oiled fingers in and out of my asshole in a regular matching rhythm. I was in a state of sexual bliss. 
(End of part 1. Let me know if you enjoyed it and wish for more) 


I really enjoy stories or watching clips and videos of massages.  I much prefer those where everything seems "legit" at the start with the young guy lying face downwards with his head on the rest, a small towel covering the moulded butt.
As the masseur's talented hands dispense the oil over the bronzed body it's easy to identify with the guy waiting for his "treatment" wondering how he feels as the greased hands gently work themselves over the different parts of the body.
Is he straight and likely to be surprised when the fingers brush gently against his balls?  Or is he waiting, cock hardened, for the masseur's hands to slide under the towel touching his treasure discreetly before hearing the deep breathing or soft moans that signal the victim's acceptance of his manual ministrations and what they hold in store. 

Slowly the towel is slipped off to show the beautifully turned butt before the hands are placed on each cheek, pulling them slowly apart to reveal the brown eye twitching in expectation.  The thumbs move to the pucker, palms swirling round the twin mounds repeatedly before being returned to the delicious hole, stretching it ever wider. 

More drops of oil before the finger slides slowly into the dark moist cavern 

probing and poking, stimulating the prostate and sending shivers up the recipient's spine,  the other hand gentle as a whisper caressing his ball sack.

"Please turn over..." says the masseur and we await eagerly the unveiling of the penis so hard and wonderful, its rounded crown full-blooded and throbbing atop the tight veined shaft..... 

Soon the warm cum will be flowing from the cockhead slit .....


Just about every site connected with massage, body-rubbing of any kind is monopolised by one particular guy..Regardless of the name of the site there he is yet again changing his clothes, altering the hair styles, hiding the face from th camera in the thumbnails to ensure you clink ON - anything to try and disguise the fact that it's the same old boring HIM. 

I'm tired of seeing him in any guise.. Why the hell don't the operators of these sites realise he's had more than a good run, that he is plastered all over the web and developed into the resident bore. Get RID of this guy. Make way for a new face, and a handsome guy with a well-shaped circumcised cock to delight the greased hole of his clients.

Just occasionally I find he's been replaced by a dark-skinned guy who's buff and good-looking, happy to slide his hands over his oiled client before gripping his stout penis and sliding it gently into the tight sphincter for a pounding ride. He's equally hppy turning the situation around for a good fucking before spurting a healthy white load of cream 

After the masseur's skilful sucking and manual agitation of his well-clipped cock, the young stud feels SO relaxed, gazing down at the creamy product of his balls still clinging to the KNOB after the rest of his male juice has splatted on to the floor tiles below. 





Don't you just want to get in the shotgun seat and watch this dude whipping his circumcised flesh?  OK - so you're no supposed to use your cell phone in the car, but there doesn't seem to be a ban on cock-beating.

     Check out the superb glans on this cock.   Lots of guys believe the removal of the foreskin allows the cockhead to expand more than it would have done had it been left sheathed. 

   The beautiful up-swept "ski slope" flare is beautiful for sucking. Gently close the lips around the ridge, feel the flange within, at the same time fucking your tongue tip in and out of the cumslit.

See how much the young man below appreciates having  his KNOB lipped



This could be an ideal subject for the circumciser's scalpel. There's a nice fat cockhead lurking under the foreskin just waiting to be released.  You can tell just how the cock would look if it went under the knife


  Even the old black and white cock shots can be exciting.  The boy near the camera is enjoying his lengthy circumcised cockmeat stroked by his admiring uncut buddy  

 The glory of he naked glans, loosing a drip of pre-cum to trickle down the frenum......



  I have discarded it, but I memorized the address and telephone number.  Roughly it read: "Masturbation school.
Learn how to masturbate to produce the most powerful effect."

As soon as I finished my work at the office, I reached for the telephone and dialed the number from the advert.  I mellifluous voice answered.
"This is London Masturbation Academy, may I help you."  He said that so intimately that I almost expected a hand to come out of the instrument and being stroking me.  I explained my interest and curiosity.  He advised that he must ask a few questions before arranging an appointment.  The questions were not strange, the usual, age, health, sexual preference, frequency of wanking and such.  At least to my mind it seemed ordinary.  He supplied the address and I was setup for the next day, Saturday for ten in the morning.
He gave his name of Mr. Morgan.

The address proved to be in Mayfair and the town house was set back with a formal garden beyond the entry gate.  I rang the bell at the gate and a sharp release sound indicated that the lock had disengaged.  I pushed open Apparently I passed muster as the door swung open and there was a young man, about my age.  He was the kind of person you would notice immediately on the street.  His chestnut curly hair caught the morning light and his clean fair skin shone with vigorous health.  He was a few inches taller than me, perhaps six feet, three.  His body was lithe and athletic, like a swimming or gymnast.  I was immediately taken with him and was happy indeed that I had set out for this problematic mission.  "Do come in Jack," he said in that same voice I had heard on the telephone.

He led me into a small study or reception office and waved me to sit down.
He took a position, not behind the small French desk but in a chair facing
mine.  He clapped his hands, "First off, do you have any questions before we begin the course of study?"

I searched my mind.  "Well, do you have other students?"

"Yes, in fact there are three practicing in another part of the house.  I have two brothers who assist in our course of study."

"Do I, I mean, will I have to appear naked in front of strangers?"

"Such an odd question.  Hmmm, no one has asked that before.  I can only say that if you consider me a stranger, then the answer is yes.  As far as
other individuals, you ought to reserve your decision until the occasion arises.  

I felt my breath catch.  My penis felt larger in my trousers.  In any event he busied himself in pouring two glasses of deep red wine.  "It's a good
sherry.  It will relax you.  I sipped it.  It was excellent and warmed my body going down. 

I didn't reply, but he was entirely correct.  My college age demeanor was evaporating and I felt coltish and ready for adventure.  I started from myreverie as his thick, syrupy voice took on a more commanding tone.  "Jack, please remove your clothes."  The effect was very natural to me, as though I was in a physician's surgery.  I stood up and careful took off my jacket, sport shirt and sat naked above my waist and removed my shoes and socks.  I looked up at him through my thick eyebrows, "The under shorts as well?"  He

Please stand against this white screen.  He pulled down a rolled up backdrop and I stood in front of it.  I felt completely at ease, not even
attempting to cover up my penis and long ball sac.  He produced a camera and took two flash pictures.  He had me turn sideways and finally with my ass exposed.

"You are a very attractive young man, did you know it?"

"Well I am aware that I am not ugly."

He spoke loudly, "Now no more of that stupid modesty here.  In order to produce mind-shattering ejaculations by your own hand, no will have to
learn to love yourself, to find that you are the object of your passion.  I see that I will have to tell you about yourself.  "Your shape is excellent,
broad shoulders and narrow waist.  This emphasizes your large penis and heavy ball sac.  Your body is almost hairless except for ginger hair in
your armpits and a large profusion reaching form hip to hip in your groin area, most appealing.  I see you are expertly circumcised.  Are you Jewish?  No? Well whoever did it make a perfect job.

  I also admire your legs.   Are you athletic? Yes, climbing and bicycling.  Excellent."

  Mr. Morgan, as he had introduced himself, came close to me and sniffed. "Ah, ambrosia.  You have a surplus of male sexual hormones.  You may find helpful to smell your armpit to produce a rapid erection.  Incidentally are you ready to demonstrate how you presently, and I know poorly, masturbate?"

I knew this was coming and I had steeled myself for it.  I nodded gamely, then reached down and lifted my penis.  Mr. Morgan pantomimed that I should sniff my underarm.  I did so and it helped produce and partial erection. My manliness and wanking ability was to the test and I wasted no time in going about one of the tricks that generally produces a stiff cock quickly.
I grasped my balls and slowly swung them back and forth.  Whilst my breathing deepened, My cock stayed the same.  Mr. Morgan stepped forward.
"We must get on with this first part of the course, the part that you learn of your inadequacies.  I see that I am required to show you one of the
correct methods.  There are many variations as you will learn if you persevere."

To Jack's amazement Morgan unzipped the coverall outfit he had been wearing and allowed it to drop along his long muscular legs with their light
hairiness to his angles.  His dick was long and thin.  It hung straight down over his rounded ball sac topped with a generous pink head like my own circumcised member. 
The young man had a dancer's physique, very sleek, with long muscles.  His chest was decorated with a fuzz of hair in the middle, resembling a splayed animal pelt.  It was quite attractive.
With one motion he reached for his cock and held it at the base and actually twirled it like a baton.  In a moment the entire affair rose up to
it's length of about eight inches and arched gracefully up and toward his fuzzy belly.  He then softly passed his hand back and forth, barely
touching the skin of his prick.  Occasionally he passed a thumb over the head that was now slightly leaking creamy pre cum.  His breathing was
audible in the room and his lips was pursed out as if to kiss.  Jack's own cock was up and pulsing.  He was gasping with excitement.  He saw that
Morgan's balls had separated and one was on each side of the lower part of his shaft.  His pre cum had now increased to a steady drip.
Then.....suddenly....he stopped and reached down and pulled his flight suit up and sipped it.  "That is an example of the correct way."

"Would you like to try it?"  He came close to me and coached me. 
 "No, no, that's too fast, too vigorous.  Don't grip it, move your hand over the flesh, don't move the flesh at this stage."

I followed each of his directions and the first time in my life my prick began dribbled pre cum.  It was almost as much fluid as I would shoot when I actually came.  I told him.  He said, "That's because you had puny ejaculations up to now.  You will see the difference."

By now I felt that my entire chest was burning and flushed.  I was breathing so hard that my head was swimming from hyperventilation.  My ball
sack had thickened and it was rising up to become almost part of the lower shaft.  I felt I was on the verge of a strong spew when Morgan whispered sharply in my ear, "Stimulate your ass hole.  Now!"

I had never done that.  It seems somehow distasteful, but this time I tickled and rubbed it.  My cock jumped and I also spasmed close to an
organism.  He harshly whispered again, "Stick your finger inside, deeply."

I obeyed.  I felt my ass hole clamp down on my finger and my cock began to shake.  My knees locked and my pelvis began thrusting wildly as I began to unload, what seemed like an imperial quart of spooge.  It shot out wildly across the room and then in increasingly shorter spurts I felt sperm rocketing out of my piss slit.  Finally it stopped and I sagged weakly to the floor, my cock still twitching giving me added pleasure.

"That was good for a start.  Now you may dress.  I've chalked in an appointment for tomorrow evening, at which time I will introduce you to my

brothers and other students."


During the summers, I took advantage of my off time by enjoying my second
favorite thing in life: nudism.  I have a seasonal camping site at a
clothing optional resort.  To make a little money on the side there, I am
available for massage. Our camping resort is a family resort.  

"Like how much do I need to take off?", he asked without looking at me.

"Based on your injury site, I'd suggest everything.", I honestly answered
I wasn't used to the question since I'm at a nudist resort, but I
understood Kevin being so naive.
"I've got loose shorts -- aren't they good enough?", he asked, again not
looking at me.
"Tell you what, take this towel and drape it over your privates.  I can
easily move it around to get to the areas I need to."[

I entered the canopy and found Kevin lying away from me with his head in the face ring.  He was on his stomach and the towel was on his ass.  I turned on my new-age music and found my tube of oil I had simmering in a
pot of water to warm it up.  I stood at his head and pushed an ample amount of the warm oil from his neck to his lower back.  I repeated this numerous times making sure the oil was spread evenly.  From that point on, it was
routine.  If anything, it was amazing how easy it was to identify his muscle groups in my head.  He was so lean and smooth -- the perfect human male.  Kevin was a moane[.  I pretended my hands were my tongue as I caressed his size 6 feet.  He obviously had his feet pedicured since each nail was perfectly cut without a dry flake of skin anywhere.  I dreamed of
Kevin laying naked on his back with his feet together.  And I'm sliding my
cock between his two soft feet mixing my pre-cum with the hot massage oil
and fucking his feet until my cum shoots up on his own hard cock.  Damn
-- now I have a huge bulge in my pants!  I was able to keep it
professional and under control until now.  Well he's facing down so he
won't see it anyway.  I moved away from his feet -- I had to!  I had to
delve into covered territory.  Lets see how Kevin will react.

  "Hey Buddy!  I need to loosen your towel a bit to get the top of your legs.
You're laying on it so if you can just pop your butt up for a second, I'll reposition it so I can continue working and you stay covered."

He didn't say anything but after a few seconds he began to stir.  He used his knees as a pivot on the table and brought his body backwards to get his mid section off the table.  His head was the other point of contact. I took that as a sign of "Do whatever you need to do" and I pulled at the towel.  Keven was facing away from me so I decided to sneak a peek.  I knew once I got the towel loose, his cock would be exposed -- even if it was a 2 inch space between his hips and the table.  I knew I didn't have long or else he'd know something was up.  I had to make it seem like everything was professional and normal.  OK -- I pulled on the towel from the bottom to the side of the table.  Boom -- there it is!  About 5½ inches of hard, circumcised, upward pointing perfection!  I took a mental picture in case I would never see it ever again! 
An additional bonus was the display of Kevin's scrotum.  They weren't big balls, but you could
definitely see how juicy they were. 
I readjusted the towel so his fresh ass check was uncovered.  Again, the
exposed area included his crack.  I doubt he can tell how much of his
incredible butt is being exposed to me.  I repeated what I did on his other
glute but just could not keep myself out of his crack. 

  I started a rubbing motion that went from his upper thigh and rolled up his cheek with my thumb coming millimeters from his sweet puckered hole.  The first time I saw it, I fell in love.  One of my favorite sexual activities is rimming an asshole.
Kevin's hole was, just like everything else, perfect.  Just a few hairs to identify his maturity level but mostly bare and colored just slightly darker than the creamy skin on his ass.  The stretch lines were evenly placed with a perfect center that just said "lick me."  I repeated my upward stroke about 6 times and decided any more would be going over the line.  Since I went over the line so many times already during this massage, I couldn't convince myself that now was the time to stop.  My
final three strokes included an obvious thumb trail right over his anus.
Kevin's pleasure moans reminded me he was there (I think I was in la la
  After he flipped, I laid the towel down and of course, his boner was obvious. 
 His erection was the type that went up to his belly and I'd guess even if he was standing up, it would still be in that position. 
OK -- here we go.  I started on his chest and everything was going well.
Until Kevin started giggling.  I guess he has a funny bone in his belly
-- every time I got near his belly button, he giggled.  This is fine
during foreplay but it tends to take a client out of their relaxed state of
mind on the massage table.  So I avoided his stomach and moved to his legs.
The process with the legs is to start with individual areas and then do
long deep stokes from foot to hip and back.  Kevin even moaned when I did
his legs.  I'm sure from boarding, he really gives them a workout on a
regular basis.  When I got to a man's upper thigh, I usually go as high as
I can.  To measure that on someone with a towel, you just reach underneath
until you come in contact with a ball.  I know -- not very scientific,
but it works.  Nobody ever complained.  Some let out their biggest moan
which is usually the sign that they wouldn't mind a repeat "accidental"
touch and maybe even more.
 he got up on his elbows and joined my stare of his

It was my first real look of it and I'm sure it was the most perfect penis I've ever seen!  Now that it's on full display, I probably underestimated abit.  He had to be at least 6 inches, circumcised to perfection, straight as an arrow, a slightly darker complexion, the head swelled to perfect proportion above his shaft which had just the right amount of veins.  His
shaft was thick but not the entire length.  Its biggest girth was thicker as the rim of his head.  His penis lips puffed ever so slightly and his crown rim was textured with tiny pleasure bumps that I wanted to put in action with my tongue.  His pubic hair was only above his shaft which left his penis and ball sack completely hairless. He gasped as I touched him and I looked up into his face.

"It's okay -- I'm just sensitive when people touch my nuts.  Happens every time."
  They were medium sized nuts that still had some puberty to go before they became adult sized.  None the less, I wanted to touch them and this gave me the excuse.  I had them in my left hand while I used my lubricated
right thumb to start rubbing his taint.  I went from his center and down to
his leg.  Over and over while the oils spread into a slippery path.  After
a bit, I expanded the path and started circling the entire area -- from
the edge of his balls to his ass cheeks.  Not many people realize the taint
is actually an extension of a man's penis.  When you're hard, your taint is
hard.  So when it is rubbed and pressed, it actually is just another form
of masturbation.  I've gotten a lot of guys off using this technique,
especially if it's an addition to jerking him off.  Kevin's plan to watch
me must have been foiled by my rubbing.  His eyes were closed and his head
was bobbing in random directions.  A glance down to his dick showed a
beautiful string of sticky pre-cum oozing out his head.  I guess he was
enjoying my molestation.  Hey -- let's face it -- that's what I was
doing.  Well as long as I was going to jail, I thought I'd dig myself even
deeper.  I'm standing on the right side of the table.  My left hand is
cupping and occasionally rolling his balls.  Then I bring my inner forearm
down and lay it upon Kevin's pulsing erection.  My forearm was well oiled
from rubbing his legs earlier.  That, mixed with his pre-cum lubes up our contact point and his hips immediately begin to move in the rhythm of my thumb rubbing.  I was only using the thumb on my right hand so I fisted the
remainder of my fingers and brought my knuckles to his crack.  I could plainly see his puckered anus and aimed my bumpy knuckles so he would get to know what good is!  To this point, his moans became mute but my anal
massage woke up his vocal cords.  Not loud enough to alarm anyone at the next campsite, but it was obvious Kevin planned to get off very soon. Before that happened, I decided I had to touch his beautiful asshole so I opened my fist and took my first two fingers out and rubbed the outside of his hole.  At this point I think I moaned!  By now, Kevin was pumping my
forearm and alternating heavy breathing with him holding his breath.  It's been a while since I saw a guy in this much bliss!  I curled my fingers and
pushed a bit into Kevin's anus.  It was well lubricated from the oil on my
hand and made it very easy to rub the inside rim.  I didn't dare take it
beyond my first knuckle.  It was so tight back there, Kevin practically cut
the circulation in my finger tip!  I caught Kevin watching a few times
through the slits of his eyes.  His look was familiar: "I'm going to cum if
you don't stop!"  Well I had no intention of stopping.  Instead I pressed
harder with my forearm and used my patented taint stroke that always
produces desired results.  It only took about 10 more seconds before Kevin
lifted his entire body off the table and arched his back so much I thought
he broke something!  The limberness of a young boy is incredible!  His
first shot was like a bullet and landed smack in the middle of his neck!  A
big gooey splat that immediately started running in all directions.  The
next shot landed near his right nipple and a surprisingly large amount of
cum continued to ooze out onto his belly after that.  He finally
brought his body back down to the table and let a huge amount of air from
his lungs that indicated he had held his breath the entire orgasm.

I looked at his angelic face and said "Holy crap!"
His explanation was "It's been a while.  Not much privacy when you sleep 15
feet from your parents."
"Yea, I guess not.  Apparently it was well overdue.  I hope I haven't
stepped over the line."  I was asking.
"Oh hell no.  I didn't think it was going to happen, but I'm sure glad it
did.  Thanks!"  he reassured me.  So maybe I wasn't going to jail after

I tossed him a dry towel to clean up and went inside to get hot towels to
clean him up a bit more.  I returned to find him laying flat out on the
table with his eyes closed.  His hardon was still pulsing.  I didn't ask.
I just took the hot towel and started rubbing his chest.  He opened his
eyes and his look gave me permission to continue.  I went up to his neck to
remove any crusty evidence of his cum and then down his chest to his
stomach.  I skipped his dick and brought a fresh section of the towel to
his taint to clean the oils I had rubbed in there.  I brought the hot wet
towel upward into his balls and thoroughly wiped them clean.  Then Kevin
did the cutest thing!  He made his cock bounce up and down over and over
asking "What about me?"  I couldn't let him leave with a dirty cock!  I
found a clean section of the warm towel and draped it over his hard cock.
There was only one way to clean it.  I put my hand on the towel and grasped
his cock through the towel.  This is the first time I "handled" Kevin's
dick and it sent shivers through my body.  I was holding a young man's 
circumcised big-headed penis in my hand and he is okay with it!  The warm
 temperature of the towel and my gentle stroking made Kevin moan a bit more. 

"Stop -- it's too sensitive!" he commanded.

I reluctantly stopped and lifted the towel off his penis.  He was fully
exposed and I took a mental picture of his thrilling high and tight 
that I have kept my entire life!

"There's a shower over there if you'd like to wash up."  I told him.

"Okay -- sounds good."  Kevin said as he hopped off the table and wrapped
his midsection with a towel.