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This used to be a British phrase for jerking off, masturbation or wanking!  

   Grant that I may not so much seek to be sucked off, as to suck;    to be tossed off, as to toss; to be fucked, as to fuck.    For it is in giving of seed that we receive.    It is in Penis worship that we are perverted,    and it is in Lust for Cock that we are born to Fuck Eternal.

One of the great excitements of life is feeling the heat of another man's rigid penis in your hand...sliding yourself greasily up and down the shaft and over the swollen KNOB 


This true account was first published exclusively in “Circumcised or Uncut” on  The copyright is the author’s

Cut guy with camera takes foreskin photos... 

“I’m at the station,” said the voice on the telephone above the background din of scurrying passengers.  “Okay. I’ll be with you in five minutes. What are you wearing?” I asked.

“Black T-shirt, black jeans and carrying my mobile.” “Be there in five minutes. Just wait at the door of the Supermarket on the main platform.” I’d made contact with Dave after seeing his notice posted on the web seeking somebody to take some photos of him with a digital camera. He would be happy to pose providing he could have copies e-mailed from the computer.
 “I’m at the station,” said the voice on the telephone above the background din of scurrying passengers.  “Okay. I’ll be with you in five minutes. What are you wearing?” I asked.
“Black T-shirt, black jeans and carrying my mobile.” “Be there in five minutes. Just wait at the door of the Supermarket on the main platform.” I’d made contact with Dave after seeing his notice posted on the web seeking somebody to take some photos of him with a digital camera. He would be happy to pose providing he could have copies e-mailed from the computer.
It occurred to me only as I walked down to the train
station that despite having bought the camera some
months ago I had taken only one selection of
photographs. Although they had come out unexpectedly
well I realised that whilst I had taken care to
re-charge the batteries I had completely forgotten how to use it - apart from clicking the vital button.  Well, it’s all quite straightforward. Can’t envisage any problem there!
What would Dave look like? The encounter could be possibly mildly embarrassing, but I could always resort to the original deal - that I had merely agreed to take a handful of pics and that nothing else was implied.
When I sauntered towards the supermarket door - there was the guy in his black T-shirt and Jeans, belly hanging over the belt,  the owner of just the few remaining strands of hair combed across his shining, rapidly-balding head.
Wasn’t it just my luck?.  Not to worry, though. This would b e a very rapid photographic session.  “Hi.” I said, managing a smile, “Are you waiting to meet K?”
The guy was slightly startled. “No,” he responded, taken aback at being approached by a total stranger, “I’m waiting for my wife.”
“Sorry. Wrong person.”
Maybe Dave had gone to the door on the opposite wall that led into the store from outside the station. So I walked through and checked out that entrance. All was quiet. Nobody waiting at all.
It was after returning to the other door that a young man sauntered past whispering into a cellphone - and wearing a black T-shirt with black jeans.  COULD it be?  As he looked up and caught my eye, he smiled. “You K?”.
I was both relieved and delighted.  As we walked home he explained that he was bi, had a young son who now lived with the wife from whom he was separated. The thought that he had conceived a child slipping his cock in and out of that juicy vagina before shooting a massive load of cream made him doubly attractive. The thought was erotic.  He was slightly shorter than my own six feet. He might not have deserved the description of “hunk” but he had the lean, tightly muscular tennis-player build that appeals to me.
As we had a brief introductory conversation, I was looking down at his crotch trying to “read” it  as I always do. I’m a compulsive “reader”.  I can usually detect whether the cock is packed in the pouch of a pair of briefs or hanging loose down the legs of a pair of boxers. I look carefully for the hint of that even, rounded ridge that indicates not only the way the cock is lying but whether it is circumcised. I turn on to the sight of a well-defined glans outlined in a guy’s pants.
There was no visible ridge so I surmised that he was carrying foreskin.
Once back in the house we went straight to the bedroom, the natural “background” for taking pictures of this kind.
“Make yourself comfortable, “ I said, pointing vaguely to the bed. “Feel like a beer?”
“Great, man!” he responded eagerly. “Already had a couple with some buddies but it’s so hot tonight ain’t it?”
“I like it that way,” I responded as I left the room to go down to the fridge.
Lying back on the bed tipping our cans of lager from time to time he  talked about his family background, his interest in expanding sexual horizons., and his work as a train driver.
“I’ll go and get the camera,” I said eventually.  It took me only a minute to take it out of the cupboard, removing it from its protective case. Even though it was such a short time when I walked back into the bedroom he was totally naked and completely at ease.  I realised once again how neat the body was.  Not an inch of surplus fat anywhere yet by no means skinny. In short - it was tempting!  I’m not going to fantasise here by telling tell you the cock was meaty enough to feed a hungry family of six, but again it was neat and attractive and likely to become even more so when it hardened up. Even a flaccid cock can be highly erotic.  This one certainly was.  The foreskin which was long enough to hide the lip of the glans had automatically slipped right back from the head to reveal the glint of the PA - the shining ring through the cockhead. The light caught the other projecting from his ball-sac and one piercing his left nipple.  “Any more metalware hidden around?” I asked jokingly.  “Slowly, he fully extended his glistening tongue into which a small silver ball had been inserted into the furrow.  Fuck it! My cock began to swell, well disguised and held in control by my white briefs.  I decided we’d start easy.
“For a start let’s go with these white shorts.” I suggested. He pulled them on, whilst I stretched out face
“Stand over me,” I instructed, “with your legs apart, the cock and balls hanging down the leg on one side.” He obeyed willingly, pulling up one leg of the shorts slightly so the balls could clearly be seen, a nicely rounded pair of orbs hanging below the uncircumcised penis, where the foreskin had rolled back into folds behind the cockhead.
“Look down at your cock. Keep still now. Hold it!” I commanded.
Flash!  The first picture had been taken.  It looked good on the camera.  I re-positioned him again, realising that we were going to end up with a good selection of pics.  However the flash stubbornly refused to operate on the second pose.  “Fuck it!” I said. “And I can’t even find the instruction booklet.”
“Don’t worry. I think the flash isn’t working. The camera can see automatically there’s already enough light in this room. Let’s just carry on.” We did.
We got some good poses removing the shorts with cock and balls lolling   over the fly at the bottom of the zip - as if they were an extending an invitation - to suck them. Then, seated at the bottom of the bed, legs on the floor, he lay backwards straight out on his back, legs apart revealing the full glory of his crotch pulling apart from below the cheeks of his ass to display the shaved, tempting hole.  “These are going to be good, I reckon,” I remarked.  “Now I think we’ll have a couple looking down towards the cock from just behind your head.   As I said this I had climbed on to the bed and made my way to a position a little behind his head. It was making my tight jeans uncomfortable, so I quickly slipped them off.
“I think we’ll get it hard again at this stage,” I said. He made no move - an open invitation for me to lend a hand - which I gladly did. The moment I touched it the cock sprang into life again, the foreskin sliding down by the balls pulling tightly on the head to make it swell into an impressive shining purple mushroom  I gently moved the skin slowly up an down a little. The glans hardened yet more.  The cock had now extended telescopically into an unexpected length of manmeat. The foreskin had virtually disappeared so tight was the shaft of the instrument he kept in the warmth between his legs.
As I took in this erotic sight I was delighted suddenly to feel a hand moving up my leg, pushing into my briefs and easing out my own hard-headed and swollen cock.  He was fingering gently round the glans rim giving me a delicious sensation which - I noticed - also made his own cock twitch against his belly in a series of jerks and slaps.
By this time I had put down the camera, whilst he had moved his head upwards, using it in a series of long slow moves to allow his wet hot mouth to climb the length of my cock time and time again, his wet lips caressing the veined shaft to convert my dick into a rigid totem pole topped by its hard, big-slitted circumcised head.
I doubled over to move into a 69 position.  I pulled up his foreskin slowly to cover the tip of my tongue which busily occupied itself in fucking the funnel of foreskin  With the pressure growing within my own root, I became fully turned on, accommodating the total length of his dick in my my mouth and throat, savouring the occasional gentle clicking of the PA on my teeth as I manoeuvred up and down his generous cockmeat.  He was turned on, too, moans and sighs of delight gurgling up from the depths of his throat when the gentle but regular fucking movements of my cock would allow it.  It was an exciting sound, blending with the crackling schlurp of saliva flowing out of his mouth and running down his chin, set flowing by the relentless cocksliding, the head slithering in and out, in and out. I paused briefly with the application of tongue treatment to the cock to wet one long finger. After doing so, I began lapping at the sensitive seam linking his balls to his ass which served to increase the volume of his moans.  “Oh fuck!”  He could just manage to gasp out the word in distorted, strangled tones between the relentless insertions of my rigid meat. 

By the time I reached his ass he was squirming in delight  - vainly struggling to express the exquisite sexual feelings he was experiencing through mouthfuls of the swollen circumcised cock he was so greedily devouring.  He tried even harder as I uncapped his cockhead, inserted his dick into my own mouth once more, simultaneously tickling his anus with the wet finger. Tight though it was it slowly opened to gave my finger admission.  Still sucking, I inserted a different finger into my mouth, moving this newly-lubricated one to his hole. It slid in without much resistance from his pucker hole until its full length was deep in his warm enclosure.  I intensified the sucking and began a slow-speed fingerfucking, plunging deep into the moist warm depths of his bowels, easing out as far as the sphincter only to return to invade his inside again and again and again.  In his clenchings of delight he wasn’t alone.  He might have been the owners of a foreskin but Dave knew how to suck circumcised. His tongue was already swirling round the dickhead but he now brought into play the piercing on his tongue, rolling it round and round the ridge of my corona until I felt it was near to bursting.  He too, was in sexual ecstasy.  The prostate I had been massaging by finger was hard as hell, the cock was moving into a series of occasional spasms, the huge vein down the centre of the dick taking on the rigidity of a steel rod.  The uncapped head was swollen to its full extent;  his hips heaving slowly up and down sent me the message he was about to shoot. Keeping the finger mobile in its massaging of the gland, I increased the suction on the cock, thrusting my tongue tip into the slit and massaging the whole top, flicking at the PA that pierced the sensitive corona of his uncircumcised meat. .   My other hand, meanwhile, was making a series of pinches and twists on the ring through his left nipple to which the response was an increase in the undulating movements of his muscular body.   His legs were tightly stretched, the muscles full-blooded and taut as if he were trying to pressurise the rich cream up through his loins to jet in delicious splats through his uncircumcised member, its head cleared of every trace of foreskin that might hinder the delivery.  He was about to cum. Moving my mouth, I did so just in the split second before his babymaker  erupted into a series of violent spasms - thrusting jets of thick white juice into the air to land with a succession of spattering sounds on his belly and extending even as far as his own face.“Aaaah!  Oh, fuuuuuck! Oh, man that’s fucking great.  Yeah!  Yeah! Yeah!” His orgasm seemed endless as his cockhead swelled, shot out another arc of jism, only to explode again to keep his fountain of semen squirting.
Eventually his breathing slowed down. The semen slowly
dribbled from his mouth to trail a warm river down his
face,  yet more rivulets from the pools of spunk lying
on his chest also losing some of the rich albumen
thickness to trickle in a warm flow down the sides of
his stomach to the blue towel covering the bed
 +++++++++++ What a great introduction to photography.  But not a TOTAL success. It was only when we had both showered down and exchanged a few words we discovered that only the one picture taken with the aid of the flash had been successful.
His reaction?:  “Fuck it. Don’t worry too much, though. I’ll come back and we’ll do it all over again,” His horizon-broadening experiments added to the problems of finding a suitable new flat kept him too busy for the next few weeks. But he e-mailed me eventually to say he’d like to meet up. Would it be okay to come round again.
I didn’t even have to give it much thought before answering!
The one good picture from the session stays in “my
documents” - the cockhead hanging enticingly down his
left leg, foreskin retracted behind the ridge of his
bulbous corona through which the PA glitters - almost
a miniature neon sign saying  “suck here”

OMG!!!! What the FUCK does his cock look like when the tool hardens iron-like and the cockhead slips out of the foreskin?


IT'S THE G I R T H -   
NOT THE L E N G T H                                                                                            

     It's the power and the strength
It invades and impales
It is veiny, but it is smooth
It likes tongue, not so much tooth
And some sucking never fails
It is hard, and soft as well
When it's in me, what the hell!
Pump me harder, that's a boy!
Out again, it seeks my mouth
Head pushed into crotch, down south
Use me, fuck me, I'm your toy
Back of throat, deep you thrust
Keep it down, do this I must
Looking up I see your gaze
Eyes that speak of lust anew
Stare at me even while you spew
You cum, and we, together, laze.                                                                       

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