Monday, September 23, 2013


That night I was leaving a night club and another guy also leaving said 'going home?  I saw you on the nude beach today." 
It was the American.
Yes, that's right. You were bashful about your cock being circumcised.
Yeah. And you said you liked cut cock
That's right
Hey I'm staying just near here. I've got some stuff, so we could have a hot time sucking and fucking.  I'll fuck you then you can fuck me."
OK lets go.
I went and we had a fantastic time although I was well away.  He was right. he was circumcised tight with a HUGE helmet. I was crazy for his fat cock.  As somebody once said the cock could feed a family of four for a month.  Unfortunately he left the next afternoon. 

One of the things he liked doing was fucking his cock from behind and between my legs with lots of lube.  It made a great greasy crackling sound as the monster cock slid in and out under my balls.    He shot with a lot of noise and I remember tears of warm glistening cum sliding down my leg. 

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