Monday, September 23, 2013


RICKY loves to share his mighty cock with other guys, so we should be grateful that he offers it for our approval and excitation.
His greatest pleasure is to get the big fat glans against the hole of anybody who can take cock deep then begin his in-and-out ride pushing the bulbous purple head right up to the top of the hole to provoke  a flood of spunk into the warm pink channel.
But when he can't penetrate pussy, male or female,. he pleasures himself with his fast, slapping up and down the long thick tower of cock seeking the greatest feeling in the world.
For the connoisseur the circumcision is loose skin anywhere on the shaft with no obvious circumcision ring...very neat circumciser.  Frenum also nicely removed. for total freedom of movement  during masturbation, sucking and fucking.
This dude is totally uninhibited and lets us know just how much he enjoys his masturbation.
Wouldn't you just love to be positioned between those masculine legs so you could watch his hand flying on the stiff stick, gently tasting the balls with your wet tongue and maybe wetting one finger in your mouth to stroke against his pucker to intensify his flooding orgasm from the big pulsing cockhead,

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