Friday, September 27, 2013

You'll find it between the man's muscular legs 

These remarkable candid shots are of English actor, Bradley James who played the young king Arthur in the TV series "Merlin", a medieval fantasy drama loosely woven around the legend of King Arthur (of Round Table fame)  and the wizard Merlin .
It was also picked up by NBC although it later moved to the cable network. 

This virile. handsome stud was born in the beautiful West of England town of Exeter in Devon. He and his family then moved to Jacksonville, Florida when he was nine years old. During his time there, he attended Crown Point Elementary School and then Fletcher Middle School before attending Madeley High School in Madeley, England.



In crouch position, knees spread wide to emphasise the beautiful length of his penis - which didn't feel the circumciser's blade. The prepuce automatically skins back over the to reveal the top half of the swollen knob  

The foreskin is clearly, very mobile for masturbating quickly rolling back over the glans when the cock is erect


Colin is from Northern Ireland, (Ulster) where very, very few cocks feel the scalpel  Like most of his friends,the foreskin rides on and off the cockhead with no difficulty

BRADLEY'S exciting sex tool is put to good use, lubricated to slide in and out of the tight hole belonging to his co-star and obvious sex-friend Colin. This is how to show Merlin some magic!   Penetrate him deep and hard to make the long uncircumcised cock disappear! The sticky KNOB touches the tight pucker and begins it journey of heat and sensations

It's obvious from his smile that Colin appreciates Bradley's enthusiastic penetration of his asshole by a good length of medieval cock. WHy ride a horse when you can jump on to Colin and ride HIM! 



Bradley reverses the roles and slips back his foreskin to smear quantities of lubricating grease on the knob of Colin's uncircumcised cock. Bradley eases the glistening knob into his anus, at the same time stroking his cock deliciously   

Two very happy uncircumcised guys - lost in a deep fuck 


 Force your skin sword right up into my vitals and unload 

 Colin's chubby penis - his foreskin is in a roll under the head to which it shows its connection by the frenum 

 Balls and cock squeezed between his legs, Colin smiles as he retracts his foreskin again to reveal the cherry-red glans. 

 Don't you wish you could slick your finger with saliva to finger gently round and round the rim of his cockhead?

Even in the water Colin's fat cock doesn;t show any sign of shrinkage. He's chubbed and just waiting patiently for a warm wet mouth to engulf his glans  


A great  smile of Satisfaction as Colin gets what he needs! Very soon there's going to be a spluttering reward for his sucking friend - a delicious mouthful of nourishing, warm spunk 

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