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I believe that in most cases our perception of circumcision begins at a very early age  -  more generally without our even consciously realizing the fact.I was about nine and had been stricken down with a cold or something minor. on the last day in bed (or in and out of it - I was pretty energetic) I had a visit from a "big boy" who used to cycle round to our road from a couple of miles away from time to time. I imagine he was only about four years older but in our eyes he was a big boy!  I think the three or four of us were a little flattered that he should even pedal round and actually pay attention to us!My mother was out for the afternoon when he turned up, He was wearing school shorts, and after a while chatting he asked me to get out of bed and sit on his knee.  I was aware, I remember, that I knew this was odd!  I can remember some of the dialogue to this day!  I asked why he should want me to sit on his knee. He replied,  "It gives me comfort."   I had no idea what he meant at all.This was in the tropics, so I popped out of bed in my shortie pajamas, and hopped on to his lap, intuitively aware that this was "naughty" - but without understanding WHY.   As he talked, he stroked his hand up and down my leg which I remember enjoying,  the hand very gently stroking gradually higher and higher until it touched the hem of my shorties. I was tingling by this time in expectation – but of what? The wandering hand continued its delicate up and down sweep moving just under the hem, pushing up farther and farther until it was brushing the little pouch that contained my tiny balls, then on – after what seemed an eternity - to the cock    I realized he shouldn't be doing this, yet I have to be honest and admit that I wanted him to continue. The effect was thrilling.
I don't know if I was able to get an erection at that age or not, but I enjoyed the feeling and the "danger".
He toyed with the cock, lightly squeezing the tiny foreskin tip, pulling it back a little, before allowing one finger to trace a line up over the head of the little penis, continuing down the shaft to the balls.
He then asked if I would like to feel HIS cock.  Naturally I did. He moved my weight across on to one knee on which he jigged me up and down a little, spread his strong legs, then zipped down the fly of is shorts. I watched with suppressed excitement as his hand groped within, grasped the bulging contents then slowly eased out what seemed to me then to be an ENORMOUS cock. It was tightly circumcised, I remember.  Of course I didn't know that's what the procedure was called, but it looked like the cocks on my two elder brothers who had also been circumcised, whilst I had foreskin.  The next one up is ten years my senior, and attitudes  had begun changing during that time.But I had seen my brothers’ penises  when they were home, and thought they were much more exciting and streamlined.  In fact they were like the cocks on the boy next door and the one across the road – but far bigger, of course, even in their relaxed state..
Of course I didn't have an orgasm. (I wonder if HE did?) but it set me firmly on the road, for sure.It was purely by coincidence that the other boys with whom I played "doctor" or later “messed about with” were in nearly every case circumcised.  I much preferred it.  I was in awe of the bulbous knobs that topped their cockshafts, proud and deeply lipped.
Meanwhile my foreskin had started slipping back and I could now see a little of the glans...a process which continued. (Parents sometimes get very worried if the foreskin doesn't retract early - or so I gather from notice boards.)He came round only once after that to my sadness as we shortly moved to another town.  On that next occasion my mother was again out visiting a relative somewhere, I think.
This he joined three of us who were involved in some game in the back yard where we all ran around giggling and laughing in the sun until the other two had to go home for some reason.Brian (shall we call him?) came in when I offered a drink from the fridge.   We sprawled in two easy chairs, almost facing one another.  For a while we indulged in some juvenile chatter during which his legs opened wider and wider. I suspect he was testing me to see if I was watching his actions carefully. Obviously satisfied that I was, he offhandedly ran his hand up very slowly up and down his thigh. I remember feeling a strange trembling as I noted what he was doing, hypnotized as his hand moved into his shorts leg and felt around inside them.    I knew he was handling that exciting circumcised cock with its huge head like  helmet and could hardly wait for him to haul it out, revealing once more its full mushroom-headed delight.I knew beyond any doubt by the time I reached my early teens that a cock from which the foreskin had been removed was a thing of great excitement. At every chance I was looking at other boys to see whether they were distinguished by their beautiful purple-headed glory, or by a teat of foreskin tapering over the glans.
We started school early, finishing at lunchtime when the heat kicked in.

School uniform was (very short) shorts, and as we'd go home for lunch, before showering then changing into clean shorts, we rarely wore anything underneath.  So during the mid-morning "break" some would sit on top of the desks surrounded by a small group talking, or lie on the grass outside, usually with legs spread, or one knee raised.  Time and time again, a leg bent at the knee would change position in one direction or the other, the movement leaving a quite wide, dark gap up which I knew a penis would be secreted. 

 Just a slight shift of the leg frequently gave the eye a stimulating treat by betraying the secret – the tip of the rounded glans, and sometimes as much as the whole shaft, soft and curled within the confines of the shorts.The circumcision rate was about fifty per cent, but I really went crazy for the sight of that beautiful rounded KNOB hanging down the leg. With few exceptions nearly all the companions with whom I indulged in cockplay were circumcised.
But I still played around with one or two cocks with th skin sleeve on them!
So now you get the idea.  I associate "circumcised" with the "exciting" or "desirable" and always will.  We're not talking logic or hygiene here – pure erotic stimulation.


Eventually, I teamed up with a guy from Australia who delighted me with his beautiful cock  - tightly circumcised and which I admired so much. It was PERFECTION.   So the time had come, I decided, to get my skin lopped off.It was really no big deal at all. Went into hospital one night, cut the next morning early, had it dressed a couple of times and then went home the morning after and went back to work the same afternoon!    No complications. No problems. Just one happy me.  I healed in no time and had my first (gentle) wank about a week later!I just wish I had done it earlier! Whatever the psychological reasoning, it made me feel better about myself – which is more important than some people seem to realize!  It must be akin to being hugely overweight, and then becoming slim. It's the same you - but something inside changes.
I had not been under the pressures that some experience of being one in a tiny minority in the showers at school; my foreskin had loosened up since I was a lad, automatically retracting down to the balls at times of erection so tightly that it would appear circumcised to a casual, inexperienced, observer.  Nor had I suffered any under-the-foreskin aggravations or ailments about which I have read.   But it was nevertheless my most earnest wish to be circumcised.The seed was planted earlyand thrived. Circumcision doesn't only interest me. It’s absolutely compelling.For a long time I believed that I was a solitary figure who harbored a strange "kink".  I had met only one other person who shared this keen interest until I went on the web and met a couple of othersOf the many things I’ve learned since I first moved on to the web is that there are WIDESPREAD circumcision fantasies, including being circumcised whilst others watch, being forcibly circumcised, or being one of the "observers" at an erotic ritual involving circumcision where those present are all naked and circumcised themselves, displaying their status during the proceedings. Nothing surprises me any more, though.   I have known a number of perfectly straight guys who are into cocks very seriously - but circumcised ones.  One of them I remember in particular has never had any sexual contact whatsoever with another male, even at school. Nor does he have an attraction to the same sex and is happily married. Yet he has a profound interest in the circumcised penis.




Not many of us know how to use our throat musclesto pull a man's dick further into our gullets, butthose of us who do know it drives a man crazy.Especially when he thinks it's in all the way, and then we show him what "Deep throat" REALLY means!If at all possible, I prefer to keep him there warm in my mouth after he shoots, then pull back  s l o w l y,  keeping up that suction as I run my tongue sensuously up and down the underside of his cock. I'm actually using my tongue to manipulate hisdick up out of my throat: I backslide my tongue underhis cock with a semi-grip, then firm up my tongue andpush his dick out a little more, then slide my tongue back again, repeating this until his cockhead is just on my tongue and my lips are locked around it. Once it's there, a little more suction as I pull my lips back, like breaking a deep kiss,  ensures that the last drop of his load is pulled out of his slit - and you know how good THAT feels! Cause if he's still hard, I'm still not done!Time to start over again! Playing with your balls as I
mouth your displayed glans, then using my tongue to grab your dick from underneath and pull you in again...down into my nose buried in your pubes and your balls against my chin...and then I swallow... and swallow... and swallow...drawing you in deeper... and deeper... massaging your dick with my throat... and my tongue...


I don't know where these circumcised back dudes come from the shape of the faces I'd guess at Somalis. They would have been circumcised in a group about age 12, watched by a crowd of onlookers. The one on the right will soon be giving very deep circumcised fuckings


There are some basics that the guy in your life would like you to know. Maybe it's awkward for him to tell you - maybe there even are some things he hasn't discovered yet.

Let's begin at the end: the glans. This is the very sensitive end, or tip of the penis. It's covered by the foreskin in boys who aren't circumcised.

The glans looks and feels unlike skin on any other part of the body: it is soft, squishy, and the home of the most intense and delightful feelings a boy can experience. It is so sensitive that the feel of, say, a stream of water from a showerhead may be too intense to stand for more than a few seconds. Yet for all its sensitivity, stimulating the glans alone usually does not lead to orgasm - you need to massage some part of the penis shaft as well.
This means, if you know what you are doing, that you can give very extended pleasure by massaging the glans. It is so soft that unless it and your fingers are completely squeaky clean most likely any petting will soon become irritating. What your guy really wants is a moist massage, either
with saliva or another lubricant. The simplest and one of the greatest treats you can give him is to moisten your thumb and slowly rub back and forth across the head of his penis.
You can do this for ten minutes, twenty minutes, and watch him drift into a plateau of pleasure, without the tension of an approaching orgasm.
Of course, you can do the same with your lips, though it is almost impossible to resist the temptation to take more of he penis into your mouth - and then you're off to the races!
If you're this close you can see some of the unique geography of the glans.
First, it has a grain - small ridges that go fore and aft (away from his body, rather than side to side). It's usually more comfortable to pet with the grain, though if you are using lubrication it doesn't much matter.
Second, there are distinct regions on the glans: the very tip, around the urethra opening ('pee hole'); the twin bulges on the front, separated by a small cleft; the broad, flat back; and the flared bluish ring where it                                                  
connects to the penis, called the corona. The most sensitive parts are the tip and front. Try gently massaging the front, spending five or ten seconds
on each side, then switching, then spending an equal time on the very tip.
The back is the 'grainiest' region and should be petted front to back. The tip, just behind the urethra opening, is the best place to get started - a very good erection stimulator!
Notice that all this is about stimulating the skin of the glans. It is a soft and delicate region and not meant for deep massaging - too much pressure doesn't exactly hurt, but it isn't so delightful, and in fact a good squeeze to the glans is one technique for bringing down an erection.
It really is possible to give very extended pleasure to the glans alone.
This may be very relaxing for your boy, or it may make him desperate for more - it's a matter of mood! Once you do start to involve the rest of the penis, things change quite a bit.
Just below the glans on the penis shaft front is the main action area, the part that is most involved with the intense feelings that cause orgasm and ejaculation. The penis itself really has two parts, the raised part on the front through over the urethra, and everything else (sides and back). While
we enjoy stimulation to any part of the penis, it's the front that is the seat of pleasure. Petting or massaging the back of the penis doesn't do very much.
The top inch of the front of the penis is the trigger, the part that all boys first learn to rub when they masturbate, either by an up-and-down motion (the veritable "jerking off"), or by rubbing side to side. This part of the penis is sensitive to pressure, rather than surface petting. Once a boy is fully aroused, even a slight pressure to this part of the penis will
lead up to orgasm. If you are using your hands or lips on his penis, it's up to you to be sensitive to how much stimulation you are applying here, as that controls how long the ride will last!
Pressure to the top front of the penis doesn't have to be applied directly, and this is where the rest of the penis gets involved - and a whole lot more. Once an erection is full grown, the penis is stretched tight, which means any pressure along the front or anything pulling at the base will tug on the top part just as surely as if you were massaging that part directly.
This is something that grows more intense as he comes farther along towards orgasm: after a few minutes of stimulation, with his penis rock-hard and pumping from within (more on this later), even a small tug on the scrotum at the base of the penis can trigger an orgasm.

If you are using your hands, you can continue to massage the glans while stroking or gently rubbing the front of the shaft. Of course, if you are using your mouth or taking his penis into your anus, all this happens automatically - it's exactly what the penis was designed for, and his whole
body will get involved to make sure there is an orgasm soon!
But let's not hurry, please, you have a lot of delightful territory still to explore. With his penis at 'full attention' you will learn that what you see is only half the story. The shaft of the penis goes equally deep into his body, where the right pressure gives long-lasting pleasure without hurrying
to orgasm
Follow the ridge of the urethra down along the front of the penis, to where it goes under the scrotum. Massage it from side to side as you move down, and feel how his erection really extends several inches below the base of the penis, disappearing into his body below the base of the scrotum. Spend a few minutes massaging his penis in small circles through the scrotum - once he is fully aroused, this is a nice place to spend some time. You will eventually get to a point about an inch below the bottom of the scrotum where you will feel his penis shaft go 'underground'. Remember this point: it's an excellent place to apply pressure during orgasm. At this point you have left the soft tissues of the penis and are feeling muscle. You can press a lot harder here; a firm push is rewarded by a greater firming of his
erection and a rush of pleasure along the whole penis.
If you have a finger still on his glans (or even if you don't), you should see a drop of fluid every so often. This is his lubrication, or 'pre-come', and - I don't have to tell you this, do I? - should be gently massaged into his glans. (Note for the girls: though this isn't semen, it can potentially contain sperm, so use whatever precautions are appropriate for full

You have a hand on his scrotum, or 'balls' - another very interesting place!
The skin of the scrotum is also unique, and quite different from that of the
penis. It has ridges, odor glands, hair, and is exquisitely sensitive, loving to be stroked and tickled. Hiding inside the scrotum (which by now is probably firmed up like a little baseball) are the two testicles. At this point it is probably wise to ask if he likes to have his balls touched or massaged. Although they have a well-earned reputation as the seat of pain in the male body, it actually takes quite a bit of pressure to hurt the testicles - they are really much more sensitive to impact than to pressure.
He may find it exciting to have you massage them, or he may hate it. (Note to those in long-term relationships, testicle cancer is one of the most common cancers in boys and it is very treatable - so check for lumps several times a day!).
If he has never tried it, I strongly recommend removing the hair from the scrotum, either by shaving, or plucking. As Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers) said in Austin Powers, 'a shorn scrotum is a thing of beauty.' Removing all the hair makes the scrotum fantastically soft and much better for petting. Plucking is by far the best, taking about half an hour. If you shave, use a sharp double-edged blade and do it dry, with baby powder or cornstarch for a lubricant. Trim but don't shave the hair at the base of the penis or the top of the scrotum, as that is the 'load-bearing' area during intercourse, and any prickles will be a serious problem.
The scrotum is also very temperature-sensitive, acting like a little weather station. So are the tissues behind it. Cold, in particular, has a dramatic effect, and if he is up for it, you should try pressing ice into the base of the scrotum - the sensation is incredible, especially during orgasm.
Where were we? You have a firm finger below his scrotum, where you can feel his penis pump up when he contracts his muscles (there's some Latin name I don't remember [pubococcygeus - Ed.]; these are the muscles you strengthen with 'Kegel' exercises, and most people would likely call them the 'love muscles'). If he is close to coming, even this pumping may stretch the front of the penis enough to trigger an orgasm.
Move your fingers down his perineum (the slight ridge between scrotum and anus). This is a wonderful area to massage. In another inch you reach the anus, the other focus of erotic pleasure in his body. The skin around anus
is as sensitive as the lips, a place for soft tickling, but able to grip as firmly as a fist, a place for fucking. Bill Cosby may get mileage out of fear of anal penetration, but I think 99% of all males love the feel of a finger in the ass.

Use some of his or your own lubrication to massage his anus. If you wish to, press firmly and feel it open ever so slightly to allow you to massage the entire firm sphincter (opening). Slowly or by surprise you can slip a finger
in. There are no more nerve endings past the anus, but the feeling of stretching and penetration is heady and delightful all in itself.  At this point you may decide to head farther up to massage his prostate. This is (as everyone says) a 'walnut-sized gland' about one finger's length in. It is
the true root of the penis, which you have now followed from the delicate glans, along the soft shaft, down to the muscled base, and deep into his body. Massaging the prostate enough will usually (not always) trigger orgasm, a different experience from a purely penis-based orgasm. If you do
this, you will feel the enormous firming and contractions that precede and accompany ejaculation.  It's time to put him out of his misery. With one hand pressing against the scrotum or pushing into his anus, and another massaging the glans and final inch of the penis (or with your mouth doing
the same), 'go for it!'.  There's more you should know about how a boy works. Erection, orgasm, and ejaculation are all separate mechanisms. They do not have to accompany each other; the only rule is that orgasm does cause ejaculation (unless something is medically wrong). In particular, erections can come and go for no apparent reason, so don't worry if you feel him go soft once in a while.  We have been talking a lot about the 'primary erogenous zones', which I hope you now know well. There are of course other parts of his body that he wants you to pay attention to, such as his nipples (as sensitive as a woman's, and too often neglected). But there is one erogenous zone more important than all others, and one you can spend a lifetime exploring together: his mind. We males love to be touched and
petted and stroked and sucked, but more exciting than all of that is the thrill of giving pleasure to and sharing pleasure with another person.


He tossed my pillows on the floor against the sidewall. “Everything?” he asked smiling ear to ear. “Down to the mattress,” I said crossing my arms. “Start the porno,” he said. “I’ll wait thanks,” I shot back.

Seth said that I was cute and I chuckled. “Now start the porno and go grab a couple of towels and a bottle of baby-oil,” he said tossing the balance of my bed lines on the floor against a wall. “I’m serious,” he stated turning and facing me.

I put the remote down when Seth pulled off his top. “Go grab what I said,” he said beaming ear to ear flexing his chest, abs and biceps. “Strike a pose first,” I said. “How’s this?” he asked turning sideways curling his right arm producing a huge muscular bicep digging his elbow into his kneecap.

The bulge in his jeans appeared full but then again it always did.

I almost creamed my drawers when I returned to my bedroom. Seth had removed all of his gear other than a pair of bright canary yellow bikini underwear. His cock was semi-hard looking massive within his skimpy briefs along with his hot looking pouch with its crisp outline of his glans. “Those guys are fucking each other,” he whispered turning his head from the monitor staring into my oily black eyes. “Toss me a towel,” he whispered winking.

“Pardon me,” he teased turning around with his muscular back facing me tying the towel around his slim hips after I got to stare at his hot looking tight little ass. “Down they go,” he whispered stepping out of his canary yellow bikini briefs. “Do I lie across the bed or in the center of your bed?” He asked. “Anyway you want flat on your gut,” I answered feeling my dick twitching inside my pants.

He lay in the center of my bed on his stomach. He turned his head with the side of his face touching the mattress. His toes dug into the foot of the mattress. “Like this?” he asked. “Uh-huh,” I whispered. “Hang on a second, I have to adjust my dick,” he teased shoving his fist under his groin. “That’s better,” he whispered beaming ear to ear. “Well?” he asked. “Well what?” I asked. “Are you just gonna stand there or what?” he asked. “If you are teasing me, I’ll punch your lights out,” I swore. “Who’s teasing, not me, c’mon Bobby,” he whispered cooing.
“Take off your duds first,” he said when I stepped forward. “Back up and strip to whatever you’re wearing under your jeans,” he murmured.

“What’s wrong now Bobby, are you afraid to lower you jeans?” he asked winking. “Don’t turn around, face me,” he added and I moaned. “Do you have a hardon, is that it?” he asked. “No I don’t,” I answered. “Take them off,” he said and I did. “You’re hung aren’t you?” he asked. “I never heard that word used that way until I met you,” he added. “We have the same size,” I whispered staring at the floor. “Only difference I got foreskin and you’ve been circumcised. But I’ll bet yours is twice the size of mine when it’s rock hard, isn’t it Bobby?” he asked. “You sound gay,” I mumbled removing my jeans. “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” he teased. “Watch the porno,” I murmured removing my sox.

I worked a liberal amount of baby-oil into my palms warming them rapidly. Seth groaned moving his hips. “You’re squishing my dick,” he said. “I am not, I’m hardly sitting on your ass,” I responded, and anyway you’re circumcised so your dick head can stand more action. . “Sitting hard is more like it,” he shot back chuckling. “Do you want me to stop or do you want me to start rubbing your back with my warm oily hands?” I asked. “I won’t stop you, he murmured.

I leaned forward spreading the small pool of oil around between his shoulder blades with the tips of my fingers. “Massage my tender muscles, I worked-out for over an hour today,” he murmured. “Shush,” I whispered placing my palms on his shoulder blades. “Oh yeah,” he sighed shutting his eyes relaxing his entire hot body.

I was engulfed in passion and Seth was moaning and sighing. “Feels so good,” he whispered when I dug the tips of my fingers into the tops of his shoulders.

I ran the tips of my fingers up and down Seth’s sides when he stretched his arms above his head. “Oh god,” he murmured shivering. “Relax,” I whispered moving my oily palms to the small of his back.

“Fuck” he groaned with his body trembling. “Are you okay?” I asked thinking he had just experienced an orgasm. “Keep going,” he whispered. “Up and down, up and down,” I whispered sliding my oily palms up and down his muscular back. “My shoulders again, please Bobby,” he muttered. “Uh-huh,” I responded stretching my arms higher and higher.

“Yeah Bobby, did your thumbs and the tips of your long fingers into my muscles as hard as you can,” he begged purring and cooing.

I dug my knees into my mattress deeply massaging the tops of his shoulders. I looked down at my hard cock lying sideways in my briefs with the swollen cockhead almost touching my left hip. I stared at my huge wet spot wondering if Seth was sporting a hardon like mine.

I had just celebrated my 18th birthday the week prior. Seth took me to dinner at Wendy’s and a later to a movie. Seth is six months older than I am.

“More,” he begged when I moved my hands to his shoulder blades. “In a minute,” I whispered. “No Bobby now,” he said sighing. “Okay” I whispered.

“Just like that, it feels so good,” he murmured moaning turning his head. “Don’t look, please,” I begged. “Okay Bobby, I won’t. Is he hard?” he asked relaxing his head. I didn’t reply as I continued massaging his shoulders.

“Now my sides Bobby but no tickling,” Seth whispered. “Okay but don’t move,” I said shifting my knees lower to the sides of his knees. “Like this?” I asked moving my hands up and down his sides. “Oh yeah,” he whispered.

When Seth moved his right arm shoving his fist under his gut, I asked, “What are you doing?” “Untying my towel,” he whispered. “Tug it hard at the sides,” he added elevating his rump two inches. “You’re teasing me,” I stated. “No Bobby, honest I’m not.”

I parked my ass on the underside of his knees tugging the towel with the tips of my fingers. “That’s better,” Seth whispered when I pulled the towel to one side baring his tight little butt-cheeks. I placed the towel over my crotch when Seth looked over his shoulder. “Sorry,” he murmured. “Massage them for me,” he added wriggling his buns shutting his eyes laying the side of his head flat against my mattress.

I twisted my body reaching for the plastic bottle of baby-oil. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Rubbing more oil into my palms,” I answered staring at the side of his head.

“OH” he gasped when I placed my oily palms on his ass-cheeks. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked exhaling.

“No Bobby, your hands are so hot and slippery,” he whispered turning his head. “Can I look?” he asked. “Okay” I answered.

“I know you have a hardon, move the towel aside,” he whispered. “Why Seth” I asked. “Just do it, do it for me, okay?”

I shimmied in reverse a few inches before pinching the towel dragging it to my side. “I knew you had a huge dick when it’s hard,” he whispered staring at the outline of my boner. “Are you oozing?” he asked twisting his body. “Lay still,” I said placing my hands on his hard buns.

He placed the side of his head on my bed. His eyelids fluttered sighing. “That feels so good,” he mumbled.

His ass was hard as a rock. I continued digging the tips of my fingers into his ass muscles. “Oops sorry,” I mumbled when my thumbs slid between his ass-crack. “More oil,” Seth sighed.

I popped the cap on the baby-oil. I drizzled oil on his ass-dimples above each of his buns. “Pour a little on the crack of my ass,” Seth said looking over his shoulder. “Why?” I asked. “Just do it,” he said moaning.

I recapped the baby-oil before tossing it to one side. Seth swished his ass side to side begging me to massage his tight buns.

“My thumbs keep slipping between you,” I muttered. “Dig your thumbs between my ass-crack, massage my ass as hard as you can and loosen my ass-muscles,” he whispered with his arms curled at the sides of his head.

When the tip of my left thumb touched his pucker, Seth moaned and sighed. “Again” he whispered. “It’s your asshole,” I murmured. “Do it Bobby, do it for me,” he said looking over his shoulder.

When the tip of my right thumb touched his ass-pucker, Seth relaxed his ass. “Again” he murmured. “Again, the other thumb,” he muttered sighing before gasping.

The tip of my left thumb entered his tight asshole. “Oh yeah, just like that,” he cooed wriggling his ass.

I massaged his hot ass and each time the tip of one of my thumbs entered his ass, he purred and sighed. “Deeper now Bobby,” he begged twisting his neck. “I’m thumb fucking you,” I moaned staring into his eyes. “Keep going, don’t stop and dig deeper a little at a time with each of your thumbs,” he begged.

I buried my right thumb inside Seth’s ass. I twisted it back and forth. Seth moaned and sighed tightening his ass and he said, “My cock is so fucking hard.”

I eased my thumb out of his ass massaging his tight little buns. “Let me roll over on my back, kneel upright,” he said twisting his body.

His legs slid between mine when he flipped over on his backside. His perfect circumcised dick bolted upright and crash-landed slapping his rippled gut. “Massage my dick please Bobby,” he whispered telling me to sit on his thighs.
I grabbed the bottle of baby-oil and I drizzled some on the underside of his shaft. His dick jolted and he moaned fluttering his eyelids. “Don’t make me cum until I say so,” he whispered when I was reaching for his awesome 7” bone hard prick, the head fat ad pink, the shaft tight and a little veined. .

My slippery fist wrapped itself around his stunning stiffy. I gave it a tug and Seth moaned. The big head of his dick throbbed within my fist. I moved my hand lower and lower squeezing his mighty teen meat. He gasped and sighed and I tugged his cock until his tight round balls moved higher from between the inside of his thighs. “I love your big balls,” I whispered. “You love me,” he said opening one eye. “Don’t ruin everything,” I said. “Okay Bobby, squeeze my knob for me,” he begged.

I had a little oil in my left palm. I rubbed my hands together coating them in baby-oil. I reached for his cock and it bolted upright. I caught it with my left fist.

I wrapped both hands around his meat stroking it slowly. “Yeah, oh yeah,” Seth whispered raising his head watching me pumping his curved boner.

I stroked faster and faster squeezing his cock in my fists. “Keep going Bobby, it feels so fucking good and you’re going to make me cum,” he said and his breath shortened. “Slowly Bobby one fist only and make me cum slowly, slowly,” he whispered.

I slid my left hand to the base of his prick giving it a loving squeeze. “Watch Bobby, watch me cum nice and slowly,” Seth murmured.

I held his dick upright. It throbbed and jolted within my fist. His first creamy man load oozed out of his winking piss-hole creaming the head of his dick. “Don’t stroke,” he grunted digging his elbows into my mattress.

“Oh man,” I moaned watching his second and third wads creaming the had of his cock before rolling down the sides of his cock shaft creaming my fist around his bone hard penis. “Squeeze him hard now Bobby so I don’t blow a huge load!” Seth begged.

His hot hard dick pulsated with my left fist. His cum creamed my knuckles, sticky white and thick. “You can eat it if you want,” Seth said exhaling.

I dug my right thumb and forefinger around his hot round hairless balls. I gave them a tug leaning forward opening my mouth and taking the big head of his dick in my maw. “OH FUCK” Seth growled blowing a huge load splashing the back of my mouth.

I had to pull my mouth off the end of his dick when I swallowed hard. His load hit the back of my mouth with such force it shocked me. “Fuck” Seth grunted creaming my lips.

I shoved the head of his dick between my cum coated lips twisting my head side to side sucking harder and harder. Seth oozed a small load on my tongue. I murmured, “Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

“I’ve never cum so much in my life!” Seth exclaimed watching me tongue bathing my fist licking it clean.

I looked down and his dick remained hard. I gripped the center of his prick near his circumcision ring and gave it a squeeze. Seth oozed a small amount of cum. I coated the tip of my thumb in his cum. “Suck it,” I said moving forward touching his bottom lip. “Fuck me now, Bobby,” he begged parting his lips. “Mmm” he moaned tenderly sucking my cum coated thumb.

I stood upright between his parted legs removing my underwear. “He’s huge,” Seth, said reaching for my prick. “Don’t touch him,” I said sinking to my knees. “Don’t use baby-oil, your dick is oozing so much and you already fucked my ass with your thumbs,” he said tossing his legs in the air offering me his tight little pucker.

Seth asked me to make it an experience he’d always remember when I was working the head of my 8.5” hard uncut black cock in his ass  

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