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I think I was about 3 years old at the time. My two years older sister was fascinated by my penis. She would take every opportunity to get my pants pulled down to play with

 Uncircumcised penis which allows you to see how hot it would be if the guy had the skin removed to reveal his fat knob clearly outlined under the thin foreskin

my penis. I had the typical child penis, with loads of foreskin which extended well beyond the glans in a puckered elephant-trunk like ending. She would love to push hard back on the foreskin and watch the skin pull back over the glans as the purple coloured slimy glans emerged out. I would always start to erect when she had pulled the foreskin right back. She would sternly instruct me to keep the foreskin back for as long as possible. This play carried on for many years like this.
When we were young, we often used to visit our cousins, two boys and two (much younger) girls. Both boys also had very long foreskins. We would get together in a darkened room and play “Public”, whatever that meant. Well, we basically had to pull down our pants and show our toys to the cousins. No touching, just looking and commenting.
About two years later when we were playing public, I immediately noticed that both my cousins had exposed glanses! I was fascinated but said nothing.
When I got to first grade at school, an English speaking upper level primary school, I soon made friends with a fellow pupil. We had to go swimming once a week. It was here that while changing into our costumes that I noticed that my friend, as well as a lot of the other boys had their foreskins right back with a much lighter coloured glans! I wondered how they managed to keep their foreskins pulled back when not erect. If I was not erect and pulled my foreskin back, it would immediately slide forward over the head if I let it go. The only time it would stay retracted is while I was erect if I pulled it back. It would stay over the head even when erect if I didn’t pull it back.

The long foreskin gathers above the glans in a crinkly mouth..  Unless the skin retracts orm is pulled back and down the shaft the hot spunk dribbles thickly from skin outlet

When I got home, I went to my parents to ask them why most of the other boys did not have a piece of skin covering their penis heads. I was then lectured. I was instructed to never laugh at these boys as they were Jewish and according to their religion the foreskin was cut off shortly after they were born. I wanted to know why? I was told when the Jews were in the desert, lots of sand would get under the foreskin and set up irritations which were difficult to clean due to very little water available in the desert for washing their penises.
Well ok, fair enough, but only about three of them were Jewish! Why were the other boys circumcised? Well, maybe their parents just liked it to be circumcised……

I must have been about 7 or 8 when I used to get a lot of infections under my foreskin. The head would get inflamed and the foreskin would pull back only with difficulty. This caused the glands in my groin to swell and be very sore. I would often complain about this pain to my mother.
One day, they made an appointment with the GP for this pain. I went in with both parents who explained to the doctor what the problem was. She then instructed me to lie down on the bench with my pants down. I did so, with just my underpants covering me. She came up and asked me to lift my bottom. Then she pulled down my underpants to expose my penis. She then felt the glands in my groin and agreed that they were inflamed. My mother was peering past to see what she was doing. The doctor said something about “not circumcised” and took my small penis in her hands. Then she slowly pulled back my foreskin to expose a sore and swollen glans. The foreskin was quite red on the inner lining. With her pulling my foreskin back, I immediately started to get a strong erection. I had a fair sized erection for a boy of that age, with a nicely shaped head. She then took a swab and started to thoroughly clean my inflamed head with a solution. I was very hard now. I remember my mother asking if the inflammation would cause scarring, the GP said no and would prescribe some powder for me to apply daily. There was some debate going on at her desk while I got dressed again. The word circumcised was mentioned a few times by the doctor. My mother was very against the idea.
The powder she prescribed had a wonderful feeling on my penis. It made the glans tingle and I would often apply it just for that feeling.

When I was 9 years old, I was washing my penis one morning and was erect. After the bath, I was drying the glans thoroughly as instructed, then duly pulled the foreskin back over the head as this was supposed to be most important. I suddenly for some reason pulled it back again, then forward again, then repeatedly forward and back over the head. I was now very erect and suddenly I had an orgasm! I had no idea what had happened, but it felt very very good! I was still shooting blanks then. That was the start of a lifetime of enjoyable masturbation.
During my early years I got ample opportunity to see the other guys' penises during gym training etc. as well as at the urinals at school. About 60-75 % of them had an exposed penis head. I loved the look! It was at about the age of 11 to 13 that I on a few occasions approached my parents to have my foreskin circumcised. I was sternly told to not be ridiculous!
Well, for me it was important to have a fully exposed glans, I loved the look of a circumcised penis. I decided to become circumcised on my own. From then on I would train my foreskin to remain pulled back. This was rather difficult at first because the foreskin would simply slide forward over the head if I was not erect, so I used tape or elastics or anything else to keep the foreskin fully retracted.

The sphincter of foreskin surrounds most of the knob. You can see that this dick would allow that skin to be rolled back to show full head

Once I was used to the feeling of the head being exposed it was quite natural way of being for me. It took about 4 years before the foreskin would stay permanently retracted. By then my penis was a lot bigger as well, with a well developed thick and long glans. Most people thought that I was circumcised when they saw me. But it wasn’t the same.
When I started to have sex, one of the first things I noticed was that whilst thrusting into the girl from whichever position, my foreskin would get in the way. When I first pushed my erect penis into the girl, the foreskin was always fully retracted, so going in had that wonderful initial feeling of her vaginal walls against my glans. This feeling was the same as I pulled back and pushed in again, but quickly my foreskin would start to cover my glans whenever I pulled back during thrusting. I then started to hold my foreskin back with my fingers whilst thrusting. This felt good! I was also always a delayed ejaculator and holding my foreskin back whilst thrusting helped me to come easier. Often the girl would hold my foreskin back for me whilst we were thrusting.
I well remember one of my first lovers who often when my foreskin would slide over the head, would lean over und pull it back again to expose the head. I asked her why she always did this and she said, “Well it just looks nice with the foreskin pulled back and the head fully exposed to see.” This steeled my resolve to have my foreskin circumcised!

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