Sunday, December 8, 2013


Two well-built young Arab men, smiling and happy to display their meaty tools for you. Being Arabs they've been traditionally circumcised, helping them to develop mighty cockheads for you to suck, or because they're not supposed to fuck girls at this age they'd be very happy to slick up their fat meat and slide it up your ass

I would just love this.....having a buddy I've just met being brave enough to risk slipping his circumcised cock out the side of his swimtrunks so that I get a view of his hot cock. Having carefully checked the length and the naked circumcised glans I'd be watering at the mouth thinking of the delights to come

You can keep the big ball - I'll settle for his two!  This cock is  still at rest so you can imagine the breadth and length when the blood rushes into it, swelling the head to bursting, forcing open the slit and desperate to b sucked off and masturbated.  Note the flair of his glans.... 

Like some fuckin' hot purple and succulent plum this black guy grabs his stalk good and tight to be totally sure you can see the circumcircle on the shaft

This slim young stud who likes to be admired and then fiddled with is difficult to decide on.  Is he circumcised or has he pulled his foreskin way down the cock?

Cockmeat doesn't come CIRCUMCISED any tighter than the rigid penis on this stud.  Beautiful former inner foreskin a couple of inches under the knob and complete with some remains of his frenum. Repeated gentle licking in that sensitive spot is guaranteed to produce a huge load 

"I can't resist this stud's pnis. My fuckin mouth's watering
as I look at the length of this big-headed monster with the big bloated KNOB.  But can I force all this stuff into my mouth and down my throat?

 Is this sexy stud really in the Air Force? 
What the fuck does it matter. Whether he's thirty thousand feet up or lying flat on the ground I'd do anything to suck him to near cumming then ease my stiff penis into the warm embrace of his rectum 

A brace of juice-filled young men who obviously invite you to indulge in some exciting rimming before you invade their assholes.  Muscular legs   w i d e, holes pulsing.   While you're thrilling them with your in-and-out piston action you can simultaneously stroke their skin-stripped penises

Imagine being on board and navigating your lip towards this piece of circumcised gristle.  While you do the most depraved things to each other you can moan and shout as loud as you like...fucking in the open air with nobody to hear a thing.

 Handsome clean-cut all-American boy who really LIVES between his legs.  Circumcised?  Of course!  Just look at the thing he wants to show you - shorn so fuckin TIGHT 
you can't take your eyes off it.  You can almost hear the guy saying "Stiff enough for ya?  Tight enough for ya?
Wanna play with my circumcised manmeat?  Go ahead, dude...... I'll fill your fuckin' mouth with cream"

Never actually met a guy who can do this.  I've tried it, but soon as I feel the cum about to shoot I really  gotta beat the cock to ensure maximum pleasure....

Hard sustained effort has its sticky glutinous reward....
Worth ever minute of the intense suck, suck, suck....

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