Monday, December 30, 2013

RUB  'N  CUM circumcised one uncut

It’s a good sexual experience for some guys but most of those I’ve talked about it with seem to know either nothing or very little about it; most can’t even pronounce it.
I’m talking about frottage. And it isn’t “frottij” to rhyme with “cottage”.  It’s FROT-arzh. (“arzh” as in garage).

The act of rubbing against the body of another person, as in a crowd, to attain sexual gratification.

Now we know what we’re talking about let’s get into it.
I know that on the subways in various countries I have experienced frottage during crowded rush hours, when you can sometimes feel somebody behind you pushing gently and :accidentally” If you respond a little for encouragement you’ll soon feel the rigid cock behind you gently rubbing on your ass. Sometimes it happens face to face if the train’s really crowded.
Then you can actually look into the guy’s eyes and say with yours “I can feel that fuckin’ hard cock of yours pushing against mine and I like it. I wish I could reach down, grip your zipper and slip the monster out.
I’ve just managed to see one guy with his cock out being fondled until he shot, pointing the dick down to the floor to dispose of his load.
But though you might find that rubbing exciting, I preferred to “frot” in comfort.
When I was a kid I often read books and magazines lying on the floor, resting my chin on my knuckles.
One day, reading something sexy, my cock was hard as an iron rod, and when I wriggled a little it made my cockhead feel great.  So I rolled and wriggled more.  Suddenly I could feel my face flushing and I had an amazing orgasm.   I didn’t shoot juice at the time, but my cockhead felt like it would burst with the pleasure. Oh MAN! 
With this discovery I began to take a great interest in reading on the floor and rolling around on my cock.
One night during a sleepover I had been playing with my buddy from school’s cock. He was breathtakingly good looking and his cock was the model for what I would always think best. It was good and thick, the same good length as mine and circumcised perfectly with a glans that ran down the top of his meat like a German helmet. His cock was superbly tight.
I had sucked him and made him cum, after which he pulled me over on to his stomach and more or less moved my body over his stomach still sticky with his spunk.

My cock went even harder than it already was and I began to feel the tingle in my inflated cock.
“Are you feeling nice? Feeling nice?” he breathed.
Ii could hardly reply “Oh yeah” I was so dizzy with lust.
The orgasm I had was enormous and he would often say afterwards “Do you want to put it across?”
In other words, did I want to place my cock and balls over his, warm and hard, and roll about til I came.

When you see sex clips advertised as “frot” they usually have two guys standing up facing each other and dry humping until they blow a load on each other.
But you can get great pleasure from rubbing your cock anywhere on another guy.  Try it with your cock in the crack of his ass, sliding gently up and down as if you were a straight guy tit-fucking.
If he’s in tune with your sexy mood he’ll gyrate his buns around to help you get off….and enjoy the feeling of your dick massaging his ass and eventually finger the slime you leave on his ass and back.
You might be one of those dudes who gets excited sliding his cock across another guy’s lips or face and moving back and forth.  If it makes you cum a big sticky load, frot yourself cross-eyed. Enjoy!

A variation on this is INTERCRURAL INTERCOURSE - or fucking between the legs.
There are some real hot videos of this around and I love them.  One shows two good-looking guys eyeing each other up as they play with their hardening cocks. One soon saunters over to the other and starts kissing and fondling.  Eventually he moves around behind the other dude, slides his cock between his and starts a slow fucking motion.   It’s great to watch from the front because you see the fattened head of his hard cock appear from under the other guy’s balls, stroking or fucking back and forth.
Both hot panting dudes get worked up and excited, so it’s not long before the guy fucking from behind has his orgasm - which is when you see great gushes of his white honey spurting out and dropping in glooping elastic blobs on to the ground. 

I think the uncircumcised guy might be a little better off with this kind of fucking.  Instead of greasing up his hard cock, he can push and pull in and out to fuck while the other guy’s legs hold his foreskin.


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