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Don't know about you but I can see a huge sausage of manmeat hanging down the right leg of this guy's shorts pushing against the fabric, dying to be released. And from the clear circle at the tip of that meat I would guess this guy was circumcised perfectly

And those  of us with "the eye" for cock know precisely what that tube is sticking up from his crotch

“Mutual pleasure is the key. The first thing to do is to get to know your partner’s penis. Look at it. Fondle it. Yes, even worship the circumcised length of the
tool. Treat the entire genital area as one area. Some parts are more receptive and sensitive than others. It is your duty as a lover to find and stimulate these areas

“How do I do that?” 

“Take and hold your lover’s cock and balls in the palm of your hand. Look at them and study them. Bring your lips to the base of his balls. Make love to them; lick them with your tongue. Run your lips up his shaft flitting your tongue tip in and out tickling the shaft. Use only the tip of your tongue to run up and down the underside of his cock. As you do this, you will soon learn his erotic zones. Many people think all they have do is to turn their mouths into a vacuum cleaner or a cunt hole. NOT TRUE. Mouth suction and bobbing of the head up and down alone will make him orgasm, but that’s nothing more than another form of masturbation. Giving titillating pleasure is the real story behind being a great cocksucker. Just remember that as a man, you know how you would like it. All you have to do to your partner is what you would want done to you. That is why they say that only gay men know how to give the best blow jobs.” 
“But how do you make him blow his load, if not by suction?” Joseph queried. 
“The cock head is the answer. The cockhead is the detonator of his atomic bomb. Work on the head and the area around the cockhead, both with the tongue and the lips. After a bit of experience you can even use your teeth to lightly scrape over the head. I’ve had a great blowjob where the guy just blew air over the end of my cock. Work the end of the dick head with your tongue. It’s not the suction that drags the cum out of the balls. It’s the stimulation. Hell, by stimulation you can make him feel like his cum is coming, not from his balls but, from the tips of his toes.” 
“You make it sound so easy…you won’t laugh if I make a mistake.” 
“Joseph, Joseph, I’ll never ever laugh AT you; only WITH you.” Richard said, kissing and hugging him. He began to feel Joseph’s fingers touch his balls, and he moaned and said, “You know I think that’s the first time you have done that to me and it feels so good. Yeahhhhh, that’s the ticket. That’s what I mean, don’t be afraid. I guarantee they won’t break.” 



Then, one night, I went to the same night club with the back room I could draw a map of in my sleep, with all the dirty nooks and crannies.The surprise of this night was a guy a few years younger than I was, about the same age I had been when I experienced my first time at a back room. Mmm, he reminded me of myself. How shy yet horny I had been whenI first got there. He was in his early twenties, with a slim build, a little muscle, like a dancer. If only he would notice me. If only he would respond to me. If only he would stay a little longer..      He did.He surely noticed me, and seemed to enjoy me looking at him, BUT.. I couldn't touch.. He just wouldn't allow me to touch his shoulder, his hands. Instead he started feeling up his bulge, stroking it until it started to grow.            Oh man! He was so close to me, yet so far away, totally within physical reach, his body just inches from mine, but worlds apart.            Our eyes met for a brief moment. He soon looked away from me,returned my gaze again with a slight Mona Lisa-like smile, an then closed his eyes.            I swear I could have died the instant he opened his fly and took out his fat dome-headed cock. Yum! He started jerking off then and there, very slowly and.. well, tenderly! His dick was deep olive, a few shades darker than the rest of his skin, of modest size, but very evenly and nicely shaped with a distinct circumcision ring circling his shaft.   Oh, I longed so much for him. I wanted to taste his cock so badly!But, still, I couldn't touch.            As he kept stroking, slowly increasing the tempo and the intensity,I couldn't help myself and freed my raging boner from my pants. Mmm, that felt so good! And to my surprise, he didn't seem to mind at all.


            He was all about pleasuring himself, with great passion. Where many other people go for the kick of exposing themselves to others, his pleasure  seemed to be mostly self-created and self-derived. While he went to the point of oozing precum, I almost fainted of the smell reaching my nostrils. So delicious, such joy in seeing him really enjoying himself, caressing his balls, reaching ever higher levels of lust. If ever there was a poster boy for masturbation, it would be this guy. He didn't needanything or anybody to experience bliss, it seemed.            When he started moaning, I felt he wasn't doing it to turn me on, or someone else for that matter, but himself.            One last time I tried to touch him, but he politely moved my hand away. He didn't need me, which stirred my arousal through the roof, as it made him so much more desirable.
            When he finally came, he shot triumphantly thick ropes of juice, splattering the walls, falling down to the floor.            My whole body tingled from delight.

DENVER Colorado cocks

This cute dude was invited round to have  drink with an older guy.  After one or two the guy said he could see the clear outline of the young stud's cock in the leg of his pants, Even mentioned the visible circle of the cockhead.
This triggered off  hardening of the young stud's penis, and it took only a short time before his friend began to rub the tube in his shorts.
With precum beginning to gather quickly on his slit the young stud ordered him to help him take off his pants.
The fucking cock was SO erect  it almost hurt. The crimson KNOB was swollen violently and dripping juice.

It felt unbelievably good when the man closed his lips round the circumcised beauty and began to gently lick it as he worked the tight shaft up and down. 

If it felt good to see his puffed-up glans disappearing in and out of the guy's mouth, he nearly went mad when he felt for the first time, a warm wet tongue inserting itself into his asshole. He nearly screamed with delight and had to hold back to avoid blowing his load. But not for long. "Oh yeah, man. Right up my asshole,"  The excitement was so intense his rigid dick throbbed and twitched as spurt after spurt of male seed pumped from his widened cockslit

Well I reckon Denver must have a doc who gives a perfect high and tight.  Look how lucky this sexy dude has been in getting his barrel of cock circumcised.  What a fucking beautiful KNOB

This young dude is in desperate need of fucking up the tight ass. In this position his hole is pulled apart, eager to feel the brushing of a bloated slippery COCK-KNOB against his sphincter. 

There's something hugely SEXY about this young man.
I wanna lick repeatedly all over and into his bronzed body, finger his hole and take the glans deep[


He felt a warm stirring in his groin at the thought of the hot athletic stud he'd sucked off in the main library just last week. The stud was on the A&M lacrosse team, a real hunky number.
The guy had dropped by the library's third floor men's restroom, still dressed in his lacrosse team uniform that he'd worn during that afternoon's match.:   The well-built jock had definitely been looking for someone to suck his cock.  
He had been standing at one of the restroom's two urinals. The young guy stood there, not looking at Mike, but fumbling with the drawstrings of his maroon satin athletic shorts.  He also wore a maroon and white striped shirt that Mike knew was issued only to the university's lacrosse
team players, maroon and white athletic socks emblazoned with the A&M logo and a pair of maroon-colored Nike shoes.

Soon, the lacrosse jock got the strings untied and slowly pushed his shorts down in front just enough to reveal a bulging white jockstrap, straining to hold in its precious male cargo, the swelling helmet clearly showing through 
the fabric. . He hesitated a moment, then quickly reached in one side of the jock and pulled out his cock.

Mike nearly gasped with excitement as he took in the sight of the stud's big cock.  The thick cock, circumcised tight and  crisscrossed with a network of light blue veins, had to be more than seven inches long---and it was still soft!
Mike's own prick started to fill and lengthen as he continued to stare with awe and desire at the oversized male sausage that was hanging from the guy's crotch.  The jockstud put one hand over the bottom of his jock, as if to
cradle his cotton-covered balls, and wrapped the other hand around the shaft of his dick.  He left the mushroom shaped head uncovered.  And then, much to Mike's delight, he began to slowly squeeze and pull his oversized teenshaft, which quickly began to grow.

By now, Mike was making no pretense of his interest.  His own cock was stretching into a full hardon, a solid eight inches of horny teen cock.  His left hand moved slowly but rhythmically along his shaft while his right hand absently twirled his nuts around in their wrinkled sack.  His eyes never left the one-eyed circumcised serpent that was steadily growing and swelling, thanks to the expert handling it was receiving from its master.
The jockstud finally turned and looked at Mike, lust and desire burning in his dark green eyes.  Mike gave him a quick smile, then slowly licked his lips suggestively.  He turned and looked toward the two commode stalls across the
room, then looked back into the jock's smoldering green eyes.  The athlete nodded his head, answering Mike's silent question.  He quickly stuffed as much of his cock as he could back into his cotton jockstrap, then walked over to the
stall and waited.
Mike didn't bother hiding his boner.  He brazenly turned and walked toward the booth, his uncircumcised prick bouncing stiffly and jutting proudly in front of him like a knight's jousting pole.    All he could think about was the hot, hung and horny circumcised jockstud hiding less than a foot away from him in the next stall.
His prick tingled with excitement and anticipation.  He rolled back the generous foreskin from his hardened teencock.  A drop of clear teen precum had already formed at the tip of his prick.  Mike carefully teased it up onto the
crown of his cock and then gently massaged the oily substance across the head until it glistened.  He could barely suppress a moan.  He slid his foreskin forward and back, moistening it with his natural lube.

The bathroom door had barely closed behind the guy who had interrupted them when Mike sank to his knees and reached under the partition to motion the jockstud to do the same.  The stall walls weren't very big, so there was plenty
of room for the two of them to maneuver between the booths.
Caressing the guy's muscular ass through the smooth satin shorts fabric with his right hand, Mike tugged down the front of the sexy shorts with his left until the jock-covered cock was fully visible.  His heart pounded with anticipation.  The heavy, masculine aroma of the guy's hot, sweaty crotch
blasted from the well-packed jock, overwhelming him.  His mouth watered.  His hand slowly reached up to cup and fondle the elastic jock material that snugly surrounded the sweat-soaked teenage treasures that awaited him.  He could feel the covered mound pounding and pulsing with excitement, and his hand trembled a little as he slowly increased his pressure on the throbbing teenmeat.

His fingernails gently stroked the steamy scrotum.  The lacrosse stud  sucked in his breath, eagerly waiting for Mike's next move.  Mike smiled, pleased to know he was now fully in control and would soon be giving this sweaty stud everything he expected and needed-and then some!

He then slipped a hand along the elastic waistband of the sweaty, teen-scented jockstrap and slowly pulled it down.   The waistband caught for a moment on the throbbing purple cockhead that strained as if to burst free from the fabric, but Mike redoubled his efforts and to his delight he began pulling the hardened cockshaft down along with the strap.  Inch by inch, he worked the sweat soaked jockstrap down, down, down the stud's hardened thighs.  The big, nicely circumcised pulsing prick bent downward with the pressure of the tight strap.

The jockstud's tightly muscled thighs gave little resistance.  The elastic slid easily across the sweat slickened skin until the rim of the large, mushroom shaped cockhead slowly edged into view.  Mike continued stroking and rubbing the large testicles through the jock material as they, too, were slowly released from their confining pouch as the jockstrap descended.  
He gently tugged the jockstrap downward again, then gave in to his excitement and impatiently and roughly jerked it down and out until the final inch of material popped off the teen stud's luscious piece.  The hard, heavy rod snapped up, smacking against the guy's taut abdomen.  It quickly popped back down and remained quivering and pointing upward at a 45-degree angle from its hairy base of thick black curls, jutting outward, stiff and proud. The
circumcised helmet-head, shiny with sweat, proudly capped a thick, veined shaft of young manhood that Mike estimated to be about eight inches long.  He could barely get his hand around the fat boner.

The two large balls, now completely free of their jockstrap prison, hung almost to the floor below the pulsing prick.  
"Suck me!" the athlete hissed impatiently, more like a plea than an order.
Mike chuckled.  He had this one turned on now, that's for sure!  Happy to comply with the horny stud's wishes, Mike slowly moved his mouth closer and closer to the upward thrusting shaft.  Deliberately teasing his eager young prey, he slowly grasped the pounding prick and squeezed it gently, marveling at the heat it generated against his cool palm and fingers.  The powerful cut rod throbbed and
lurched in his grasp.  The muscled jock pushed his crotch forward, vainly attempting to thrust his knob into Mike's
The piss slit, by now leaking copious amounts of clear teen precum, grazed Mike's hovering lips.  The sticky fluid clung to his upper lip as the prick pulled back, leaving a long streamer of clear nectar hanging momentarily between
the flaring cockhead and Mike's eager tongue.  He quickly swiped at the strand with his tongue, delighted with the salty-sweet taste of a college youth in his prime.  He flicked his tongue out again and lapped up the rest of the sweet
stud-honey that continued to ooze from the swollen glans.

His fingers worked along the slick shaft, squeezing and releasing rhythmically.  The player squirmed in agonized ecstasy as his dick was lovingly milked and manhandled by this expert, cock-hungry Corps freshman.  Finally, after a few more tugs and twists on the heavy teenhammer, Mike brought his mouth up under the silky-sacked orbs and began licking them, one after the other,again and again, until they shone and dripped with his spit.
"Oh yeah...that's it, man... oh yeah...lick those balls!" moaned the jock."Get under those balls, buddy!  Yeah...that's it...lick out that sweat.  Get that hot jock out of that crotch, dude.  Yeah, you know what I need.  You
know what you want those hot balls...yeah...lick 'em.  Lick `em, dude.  Ohhh...oh man...that hot tongue...oh God, stroke those hot nuts, baby, they're building up a big fucking wad just for you...oh man...yeah, suck `em, stud

..suck `em!  Work `em over good, buddy.  Yeah, that's it! Oh...ohhh...Yeah...ungh...oh yeah, stroke `em...oh man, those balls are hot, buddy.  Oh it some, buddy...lick my creamers. 
Mike kept working over the oversized balls with his tongue, laving and stroking them from side to side in their low-hanging sac.  Then he gently suckled first one, then the other, into his mouth, firmly washing each one with his tongue.  The stud groaned and moaned, his breathing becoming more labored with each tongue-stroke across his roiling nads. Mike knew this guy wouldn't last much longer if he kept this up, so he reluctantly relinquished the now thoroughly spit-slickened ovals and ran his tongue up and along the length of the precum-coated cockshaft from balls
to glans.
Pulling back slightly, he worked his tongue across the guy's cock, paying close attention to the sensitive nerve endings of the massive cockhead where the skin disappeared into the piss slit.
"Oh God!  Oh man...omigod...that is good!  That is sooo fuckin good, stud...oh man you suck so good...I can't believe you're doing me so deep  like this...oh yeah...ungh...oh...oh keep it up!  Lick and suck that dick, buddy...oh yes...oh
man...yeah, buddy, eat my hot piece, buddy, suck on that hot meat...oh yeah, buddy...that's it, suck on that hot jock cock, buddy, suck my meat...

Mike  continued bobbing his head up and down, pistoning back and forth along the smooth, slick teenshaft.
Each stroke seemed to make the skin tighten even more around the granite-hard shaft.  He could feel the tension building in the jock stud's balls as they slowly drew up tight and close to the base of the pounding cock.

Mike's fingers, now slick with saliva that dripped from the rod from his eager cocksucking, stroked and rubbed along the smooth, nearly hairless scrotum.  He feathered his fingers along the area between the guy's ballsack and
his asshole, eliciting more groaning and moaning.  He could feel the excitement surging and building through the veins of the teenager's pounding rod.  He continued to suck him closer and closer to sexual nirvana.

Yeah...That' yeah...OH FUCK-YEAH!!!!"
Suddenly, the jock's heavy prick surged and pulsed, then went completely rigid, and began thrusting in quick, short strokes into Mike's hot, waiting mouth.  The stud tensed a final time, his body shaking and twitching with excitement, then he arched his back and pushed his crotch as far forward as he could.  Mike heard him whimpering with excitement and pleasure as his orgasm crashed through his hard-muscled body.

The perfect purple helmet, blood-filled with stud proudly showing off his circumcised sexual equipment hoping to enticed some guy with a warm, welcoming mouth

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