Friday, February 7, 2014


Check out these young dudes, really getting into their dicks and enjoying them, giving each other the great sexual pleasure, knowing just HOW how to suck and where;  the precise areas on the dicks to finger, stroke and lick. Joy Boys who know the meaning of pleasure. And there are such large areas of sex muscle on which to do it all.
Is it my imagination or are a lot of young guys developing big dicks earlier than when I was a kid? 
Or maybe they get information at such an early age these days, they discover the wonders of their cocks earlier and "develop" their tools by using them so much....


Honest...I went for a piss.  Then slowly the huge rounded knob of a fat circumcised cock began to  push through the hole, slit crimson and wet.  I watched the rock-hard fucktool. sinewy and masculine, offering itself for my attention.
I ask you! How the fuck could you keep your hands OFF that beautiful weapon?

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